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TABER Multi-Media Abraser - 1

Simple, accurate abrasivity testing for fluids, powders and semi-solids. The Multi-Media Abraser provides a flexible tester for measuring abrasivity of virtually all fluids and powders used in todays manufac- turing processes. Applications include paints, pigments, adhesives,sealants, epoxies, pastes,detergents and industrial additives. Recreates wear conditions for your application. Able to recreate actual wear conditions, the Multi-Media Abraser allows testing on all contact surfaces in application equipment, including rods, cylinders, nozzles, gears and other moving parts. Works with all standard Taber Abrasers. The Multi-Media Abraser is available as a separate attachment or pre-mounted on a single or dual Taber abraser. >

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TABER Multi-Media Abraser - 2

Spline shaft Adjustable weight setting Rugged housing Wire handle weight lift Adjustable gear boxStainless steelwear disc Pin holder > Replaceable brass pins Aluminumspecimen dishDisposabledish insert >

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