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Traceability required by Quality Systems. An important aspect of todayΒs Quality Systems is the traceability of testing instruments. Verification that the instrument and its consumables are within specification is the basis to ensure repeatable and reproducible test results. The Taber Rotary Abraser requires regular calibration. Precision testing instruments should be calibrated regularly to ensure accurate results. Calibration services offered by Taber Industries include a test of the instruments functionality, verification of instrument alignment and set-up, and assurance that key components are within manufacturing tolerances. Over ten (10) critical parameters are checked, utilizing a proprietary calibration system to obtain detailed information and tolerances. Certification forms are available. Taber instruments (new builds or recalibrations), must pass a rigorous quality inspection before they leave our factory. All Taber Industries test instruments are supplied with a declaration of conformity, showing that the products are compliant with the terms of our ISO 9000 registration. For recalibrations, certificates are provided that confirm the critical components are within established tolerance specifications. >

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