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Manufactured for Aerospace Grade Applications Designed Using Advanced Computer Modeling Tools Pressure and Temperature Outputs Reliability and accuracy are built into every transducer using advanced manufacturing techniques. Critical procedures such as heat-treat and bonding are controlled through vacuum furnaces. Welding and calibration are accomplished with fully automated work cells. State of the art characterizing electronics meet MIL-STD 461 EMI standards, and are engineered for severe vibration and shock environments. Extreme environmental burn- in ensures the transducer's reliability and accuracy will be maintained over time. For optimum performance, the sensing element was designed using Finite Element Analysis and other computer modeling tools. Key features of the sensing element are isolation from induced stresses (generated from installation torque, temperature excursions, vibration and shock), and high over-pressure protection. An internal 100 Ohms Platinum RTD temperature sensor is a standard feature of the Series 2. The RTD can be used to measure media temperature, or to thermally characterize the output of the pressure transducer. Standard and Customer Configurations Available A full range of options is offered for the Series 2, including alternate materials, pressure ports, electrical connectors, and Standard Features 0-2 thru 0-20k psi+/- 0.2% FSO Static Accuracy 100 Ohms platinum RTD(17) point calibration cert with temp data >

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Taber Aerospace Transducers Model 2211 - 2

Pressure Ranges Ranges from 0-2 thru 0-20k psi Proof Pressure 2211A 15 to 200 psi 500 psi 500 to 20k psi 1.5X std. range2911C & F 2 to 10 psi100 psi 15 to 200 psi 500 psi 300 to 5000 psi3X std. range 7.5k to 10k psi2X std. range 15k to 20k psi1.5X std. RangeBurst Pressure2211A 15 to 200 psi >1000 psi 500 to 5k psi>3X std. Range 7.5k to 20k psi >2X std. range2911C & F 2 to 200 psi >1000 psi 300 to 5000 psi>6X std. range 7.5k to 10k psi>3X std. range 15k to 20k psi>2X std. RangePressure Port MS33656-4 male * (Alternate pressure ports available)Elect. Connection Mates w/ MS3116-10-6S...

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