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Analytical grade abrasive materials ensure test repeatability. Taber The composition of Taber abrading wheels has been carefully chosen and a rigorous quality program maintains the uniformity of the wheels. Used in pairs, each wheel is labeled left or right to assure the mounting position will be duplicated should the wheels be removed and later reinstalled. The wheels should be refaced according to recommended practice, and can be used to their minimum usable diameter of 45 mm (1 > ή abrading wheels produce characteristic rub wear action. Two abrasive wheels create the circular wear path recognized as a Taber Rotary Abraser test. As specimens are subjected to the rub-wear action of the wheels, the abrasion marks form a pattern of crossed arcs resulting in a circular ring. This process abrades the sample over all angles of grain or weave, and covers approximately 30 square centimeters. > 3 / > 4 inch) O.D. Offered in a range of abrasiveness for a range of material evaluation. The choice of abrading wheels should be based upon the wear the specimen material will be subjected to in actual use. Calibrase > wheels are a resilient type, typically used to test rigid specimens. Calibrade > ή wheels are vitrified, and are often used to evaluate flexible specimens. Other wheels are available for specific or unique applications, and custom formulations can be developed upon request. >

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Calibrase > ή Wheels - now with Easy Glideђ wheel hub CS-10F BrownHas milder abrading action than the CS-10 wheel. Used Do not exceedprimarily with transparent materials to evaluate hazing. 500g load CS-10 GreenMild medium abrading action, like that of normal handling, cleaning or polishing. Popular wheel for coatings, plastics, textiles, leather, and paper products. CS-10W WhiteSame as CS-10, but white. No color transfer from wheel to specimen. CS-17 Dark GreenProduces a harsher abrasion than the CS-10 wheel. Useful for testing ceramics, plastics, and enamels. > Reface with S-11 Refacing...

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