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455 Bryant Street NorthTonawanda, NY 14120 Application Piezo-resistive pressure transmitters are used to measure pressures in hydraulic and pneumatic system, chemical plants and process engineering as well as in air conditioning and environmental technology. Model designation X30 pressure instrument pipe mounted piezo-resistive case size 430 output 1-6V Pressure ranges Gauge pressure PSI Absolute Pressure PSI Supply voltage error 0.2% max. per 10V Output 4-20mA burden Ub-13V max. 0.02A Technical data Case 316 SS Parts in contact with medium 316 SS 316 SS diaphragm Pressure connection 1/2" pipe NPT (standard) other connections optional Electrical connection standard terminal box Type AF up to AWG 16 Pg 9 cable gland 1/4" NPT connection available Hysteresis not exceeding 0.1% Supply Ub standard 13 to 30VDC with reverse polarity protection max. permitted noise 1 Vpp max. current 30mA Extra Codes /44 flange pressure connection with weld-in socket /45 miniature flange pressure pressure connection 3/4” straight orNPT /73 with cable attached Ordering Example Piezo-resistive pressure tranmitter Type: Model 430/530 Range: 0 to 50 PSI 1-6V burden 2k Ohm min. Adjustable by potentiometer zero: typically > +/-10% span: typically >+/-10% Burden error 0.15% max. Characteristic linear . Deviation from characteristic after starting point calibration 0.6% or less according to DIN/IEC 770 0.5% BFSL 0.25% optional Overload limit to VDI/ VDE2184 200% full scale below 2,500 PSI 150% full scale 2,500 to 6,000 PSI 120% full scale above 6,000 PSI

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Permitted ambient temperature -20 to 250°F Below 500 PSI -20 to 200°F for code /73 0 to 185*F to 500 PSI & above Permitted medium temperature -20 to 250°F Ambient temperature error within range 0-212°F typically less than 0.01 % /°F 0.03% /°F max. Effect of sinusoidal vibration less than 0.06% /g on range 20 PSI and 14g acceleration decreases with increasing range Nominal position up to 60 PSI vertical (see dimensions) above 60 PSI unrestricted Protection IP 65 (NEMA 5) Connection diagram Dimensions Connection

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