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Stiffness Tester 112 Flexible Material Stiffness Testing Measure the flexural rigidity and drape characteristics of flexible materials. Stiffness Tester Model 112 employs the principle of cantilever bending of the specimen under its own mass. Ideal for testing non-wovens and most fabrics, this tester conforms to existing test standards. May also be used to evaluate films, paper, leather and other flexible materials. Simple to use, rugged design provides repeatable test results. The specimen is moved across a smooth low-friction platform at a constant rate. An optional hand crank provides an economical solution for controlling test speed. As the leading edge of the specimen projects from the platform, it bends under its own mass. The length of the overhang is measured when the specimen’s leading edge contacts the indicator. From this measured length, the bending length and flexural rigidity are calculated. Rugged design includes numerous features. An adjustable bend angle indicator can be inclined 41.5° (0.724 rad) or 45° (0.785 rad) below the plane of the platform surface, and includes a bend angle reference. The movable specimen slide includes a leveling bubble and is operated manually or by an optional precision hand crank. The overhang scale is calibrated in both metric and English units. Shown With Optional Hand Crank Assembly

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Stiffness Tester 112 Flexible Material Stiffness Testing For more information: Call 1.800.333.5300 (U.S.) or 716.694.4000 (outside U.S.) Fax 716.694.1450 Email us at sales@taberindustries.com Visit us at www.taberindustries.com 455 Bryant Street North Tonawanda, New York 14120 USA Stiffness Tester 112 Includes: Base Unit Specimen Slide with Integrated Leveling Bubble Hand Crank Assembly* (only on p/n 980112-1) Operating Instructions Standard Features: Metric / English unit scale Weighted, moveable slide Adjustable leveling feet Adjustable bend angle indicator (41.5° or 45°) Precision...

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