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Maximum Sample Weight Dynamic Range Weighing Accuracy Weighing Precision Sensitivity Signal Resolution Temperature Control Experimental Temperature Range Isothermal Stability Relative Humidity Control Range Accuracy Humidity Control Organic Solvent Capability Camera/2.5X Microscope Accessory Raman Probe Accessory 750 mg / 5 g 100 mg / 500 mg +/- 0.1% +/- 0.01% 0.1 µg / 0.5 µg 0.01 µg / 0.05 µg Peltier Elements, Resistance Heaters 5 to 150°C +/- 0.1°C See Figure Below +/- 1% RH Closed Loop, Dew Point Analyzer Optional Optional Optional The VTI-SA+ Vapor Sorption Analyzer is a continuous...

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VTI-SA+ - 3

VTI-SA+ TEChNOlOgy Symmetrical Microbalance Design The VTI-SA+ Analyzer is a symmetrical vapor sorption instrument where both the sample and reference chambers are exposed to the same conditions of temperature and humidity. In this symmetrical design, any water or organic vapor sorption onto the hangdown wires and sample holder is differentially eliminated and the resultant data represents the uptake by the sample alone. This eliminates the need for background subtraction experiments and associated uncertainty typical in competitive, asymmetrical systems. Resolution and Stability of the...

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VTI-SA+ - 4

Precision Humidity Measurements As part of our standard design, the VTI-SA+ employs a chilled mirror dew point analyzer (a NIST-traceable standard for humidity) to determine the absolute relative humidity at the sample. In applications where RH control is critical (as in most pharmaceutical studies), chilled-mirror dew point analyzers are the preferred method, because of the absence of drift and long term stability. Sorption Testing Using an Organic Vapor The VTI-SA+ can also be configured for organic vapor sorption. In the VTI-SA+, the concentration of the organic vapor in the gas stream...

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VTI-SA+ - 5

VTI-SA+ TEChNOlOgy Simultaneous Microscope Camera or Raman Measurement The VTI-SA+ is fully compatible with simultaneous optical measurements, including a high-resolution CCD camera/ 2.5X microscope or a dedicated Raman Probe*. These optional accessories are field installable, providing the highest level of flexibility for your measurements. Sample Chamber Design In the VTI-SA+ Analyzer, the sample and reference chambers are located within an aluminum block maintained at constant temperature (within ±0.1°C) by precise Peltier control elements. Our unique aluminum block design has two...

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