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HIGH PERFORMANCE TGA SYSTEMS that deliver the Most Accuracy Highest Sensitivity Greatest Reliability

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Thermogravimetric Analysis xxxxxx TA Instruments invites you to experience the world’s finest line of Thermogravimetric Analyzers, the Discovery TGA 55, TGA 550, and TGA 5500. Discover the advanced engineering and attention to detail that provides enhancements in every aspect of TGA technology and a new level of user experience. From the most cost-effective and flexible TGA with industry-leading performance, to the most advanced TGA available, there is a Discovery TGA to meet your needs Ultimate performance with every option to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications The...

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TGA - 4

No one makes a MORE SENSITIVE and ACCURATE THERMOBALANCE At the core of every new Discovery TGA is the proprietary Tru-Mass™ Balance. The Tru-Mass Balance system is Thermally isolated for high sensitivity in every laboratory environment, delivers the highest Resolution to separate components of the most challenging TGA samples, and has Ultra-low drift (Tru-Mass) for weight accuracy. Unlike competitive designs, the Discovery TGA delivers optimum performance without requiring baseline subtractions and other post-test manipulation required by competitors. The result is an innovative TGA with...

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TGA - 5

WIDEST RANGE of HEATING & COOLING RATES IR Furnace EVERY furnace on EVERY system is designed and manufactured by TA specifically for high performance TGA measurements. From the economical high-performing wire wound and EGA furnaces to the patented IR furnace* with industry-leading heating rates, there is a TGA furnace to meet your needs. Wire Wound (Pt/Rh) Furnace The TGA 5500 is the only system offering patented infrared heating technology. Optional Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) furnace for the TGA 55 and TGA 550. • Linear controlled heating rates of 0.1 to 500°C/min • Linear controlled...

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TGA - 6

Atmosphere Control BEST SAMPLE–ATMOSPHERE INTERACTION All Discovery TGA models are designed with superior atmosphere control to meet the most demanding applications. Whether maintaining an inert atmosphere, switching to an oxidative purge, or maintaining a high vacuum, the Discovery TGA is up to the task. Atmosphere Control Features and Benefits: Reliable Automation The Discovery TGA features a 25-position autosampler designed to be the most rugged and reliable system ever developed. Autosampler Features and Benefits: • Compatible with all pan types and sizes for ultimate flexibility •...

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TGA - 7

“APP” Style Touch Screen Touch Screen Features and Benefits: • Ergonomic design for easy viewing and operation • Packed with functionality to simplify operation and enhance user experience. The touch screen includes: • Start/stop runs • Test and instrument status • Real-time signals • Real-time plot • Active method viewing • Advance method segments • Autosampler calibration • Loading/unloading and taring pans • System information The app-style touch screen, powerful new TRIOS software and the robust, reliable autosampler with automated calibration and verification routines all work...

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TGA - 8

TRIOS Software Discover powerful TRIOS software that delivers exceptional user experience in a combined package for instrument control, data analysis, and reporting for thermal analysis and rheology. New features such as multiple calibration sets, real-time test method editing, The Most VERSATILE CONTROL and ANALYSIS SOFTWARE! and inter-laboratory data and test method sharing provide unmatched flexibility, while one-click analysis and custom reporting raise productivity to new levels. Complete Data Analysis Capabilities TRIOS Features: • Control multiple instruments with a single PC and...

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TGA - 9

Modulated TGA™ Separation of Overlapping Weight Losses in Polyurethane 120 the heating rate is controlled by the decomposition rate of the sample. The Discovery TGA 5500 and 550 Standard TGA @ 10 ˚C/min Hi-Res TGA @ 50 ˚C/min designs are ideal for these measurements, featuring rapid response furnaces for precise temperature control and sensitive thermobalances designed to quickly detect small weight changes. • Separation of broad and overlapping weight losses • Increased productivity with better resolution The figure above shows the Hi-Res TGA results for a polyurethane material by standard...

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TGA - 10

Evolved gas analysis involves the qualitative investigation of the evolved gas products from a TGA experiment.These products are generally the result of decomposition, but can also evolve from desorption, evaporation or chemical reactions. Evolved gas analysis is typically performed by interfacing a mass spectrometer (MS) or Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR) to the exit port of the TGA furnace. Through the use of a heated transfer line, the evolved gas stream is delivered to the MS or FTIR instrument, and the compositional analysis is performed in real TGA-FTIR: Phenolic Resin...

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TGA - 11

Discovery Mass Spectrometer (DMS) Parameter The Discovery MS is a benchtop quadrupole mass spectrometer, designed and optimized for evolved gas analysis. It features industry-standard technology configured for the efficient transfer and rapid detection of offgas from the TGA furnace. Parts per billion (ppb) sensitivity is ensured with our state-of-the-art quadrupole detection system, including a closed ion source, a triple mass filter, and a dual (Faraday and Secondary Electron Multiplier) detector system. This analyzer configuration is selected to optimize sensitivity and long-term...

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TGA - 12

Blending Gas Delivery Module Discovery TGA The Blending Gas Delivery Module (Blending GDM) delivers flexibility in gas handling on the Discovery TGA 5500, TGA 550, and SDT 650. The Blending GDM is an external accessory with two gas inlet ports that, when connected to the reactive gas port on the TGA or SDT, gives the user a total of four gases to control. The software-controlled accessory allows for automated switching between the four gas ports as well as blending of binary mixtures of gases. The added blending capability allows for TGA experiments to be carried out in an atmosphere where...

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