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SDT - 3

Discover a New SDT System that delivers the Purest real-time Simultaneous Heat flow and Weight Data Possible

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SDT - 5

0 Weight Heat Flow

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SDT - 6

ADVANCED MODES Activation Energy (kJ/mol) Modulated Techniques MDSC® & MTGA™

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SDT - 8

The Most FLEXIBLE and EFFICIENT ATMOSPHERE CONTROL Seperate Balance & Sample Purge Horizontal Purge Optimizes Interaction Vacuum Tight Balance Purge Sample Purge Total Purge

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SDT - 12

Simultaneous DSC/TGA xxxxxx TA Instruments invites you to experience the world’s finest Simultaneous DSC/TGA, the Discovery SDT 650. Discover the advanced engineering and attention to detail that provides enhancements in every aspect of performance and a new level of user experience. Available with or without an Autosampler, the Discovery SDT is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Features and Benefits: • Horizontal dual-beam design for superior heat flow and weight measurements • Dual-sample TGA mode for double the productivity of competitive systems. • Ultra-low drift...

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SDT - 14

Horizontal Dual-Beam Thermobalance At the core of every new Discovery SDT is the exclusive Integrated pop-up Dual-beam support TA horizontal dual-beam thermobalance. The integrated thermocouple design within the ceramic beams provides direct sample, reference and differential temperature measurements. This ensures superior DSC and TGA performance and unlike competitive designs, the SDT 650 gives this performance without requiring baseline subtractions and other post-test manipulation.The result is an innovative new SDT with unrivaled performance in weight drift, sensitivity and simultaneous...

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SDT - 15

QUICK and EASY BEAM REPLACEMENT ensures MAXIMUM UPTIME Quick-connect beam design

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SDT - 16


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SDT - 17

Every furnace on Every system is designed and manufactured by TA specifically for high performance DSC AND TGA measurements. This durable horizontal furnace offers better temperature uniformity than competitive systems. Linear Control Modulated Control Hi-Res Control • Ambient to 1500°C with a wide range of heating rates for maximum flexibility in experimental design. • Horizontal design for excellent evolved gas results without chimney effects of competitive systems. • Cooling from 1500 °C to 100 °C in under 40 min for quick sample turn-around. All TA furnaces are covered by the industry’s...

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SDT - 18

Atmosphere Control Discovery SDT’s are designed with superior atmosphere control to meet the most demanding applications. Whether maintaining an inert atmosphere, switching to an oxidative purge, or maintaining a high vacuum the Discovery SDT is up to the task. Atmosphere Control Features and Benefits: • Innovative Gas-Delivery manifold design minimizes potential leak points from tubing and hardware connections ensuring the most consistent, repeatable atmosphere. • Integrated software-controlled gas switching for experiments requiring dynamic or reactive atmospheres • New Gas blending and...

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SDT - 19

Reliable Automation The NEW Discovery SDT features our 30-position autosampler to optimize productivity. Based on our proven Discovery DSC design these rugged autosamplers are cycled extensively in our factory to ensure worry-free operation. Autosampler Features and Benefits: • Scheduled and unattended experiments, calibrations and verifications give scientists more time for research. • Innovative dual-sample mode doubles throughput over any other TGA. • New TRIOS software makes it easier than ever to manage and run a large and diverse sample queue. The Design view and Running queue allow...

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SDT - 21

Touch Screen Features and Benefits: • Ergonomic design for easy viewing and operation • Packed with functionality to simplify operation and enhance user experience. The apps-style touch screen includes: • Start/stop runs • Test and instrument status • Real-time signals • Real-time plot • Active method viewing • Advance method segments • Autosampler calibration • Loading/unloading and taring pans • System information The app-style touch screen, powerful new TRIOS software, the robust and reliable autosampler with automated calibration and verification routines all work seamlessly to...

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SDT - 22

DISCOVER more about your MATERIALS In TA Modulated DSC, a sinusoidal temperature oscillation is overlaid on the traditional linear ramp. The net effect of this on a DSC/TGA instrument is that Heat Capacity (Cp) can be measured directly in a single run. TA invented MDSC and understands it like no other company. Modulated DSC is standard on EVERY Discovery SDT model. Benefits of MDSC include: • Direct measurement of heat capacity in a single run. • Most accurate and repeatable measurement of Cp up to 1500 °C. • Can measure changes in Cp isothermally to look at structure changes vs time....

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SDT - 23

Hi-Res™ TGA & Modulated TGA™ In Hi-Res TGA the heating rate is controlled by the Standard TGA Ramp vs Hi-Res TGA Ramp decomposition rate of the sample. The Discovery SDT 650 design is ideal for these measurements with a furnace thermobalances designed to quickly detect small weight changes. designed for precise temperature control, and sensitive Benefits of Hi-Res TGA include: 60 40 Hi-Res TGA @ 50 ˚C/min Standard TGA @ 20 ˚C/min • Separation of broad and overlapping weight losses. • Increased productivity with better resolution. • Rapid survey over wide temperature range with excellent...

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SDT - 24

Evolved gas analysis involves the qualitative investigation of the evolved gas products from a SDT or TGA experiment.These products are generally the result of decomposition, but can also evolve from desorption, evaporation or chemical reactions. Evolved gas 0.30 transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR) to the exit port of the furnace. Through the use of and the compositional analysis is performed in real time. TA Instruments offers a 300 an interface kits for the Discovery SDT. A variety of FTIR suppliers provide gas cells and interfaces. Mass 18 Mass 44 Mass 77 Mass 90 Mass 91 Weight % a...

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