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New Castle, DE USA Lindon, UT USA Hullhorst, Germany Shanghai, China Beijing, China Tokyo, Japan Seoul, South Korea Taipei, Taiwan Bangalore, India Sydney, Australia Guangzhou, China Eschborn, Germany Wetzlar, Germany Brussels, Belgium Etten-Leur, Netherlands Paris, France Elstree, United Kingdom Barcelona, Spain Milano, Italy Warsaw, Poland Prague, Czech Republic Sollentuna, Sweden Copenhagen, Denmark Chicago, IL USA Sao Paulo, Brazil Mexico City, Mexico Montreal, Canada Rubber Testing Rubber Process Analyzer 4

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Rubber Testing TA Instruments introduces a complete line of new instruments for the measurement of rheological and physical properties of polymers, rubber and rubber compounds at all stages of manufacture. The new rubber testing instruments include a Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA), Moving Die Rheometer (MDR), Mooney Viscometer, Automated Density Tester and Automated Hardness Tester. All TA Instruments rubber testing systems are manufactured to exacting mechanical standards and with the latest measurement technology for the most accurate, reliable, and reproducible data available. Available...

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RPA eliteRUBBER PROCESS ANALYZER The TA Instruments RPA elite Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA) is the most advanced rotorless rotational shear rheometer dedicated to the complete characterization of polymers, rubber and rubber compounds at all stages of manufacture. The RPA elite provides invaluable viscoelastic data on materials that are uncured, through the curing process, and in situ cured materials. The ultra-rigid test frame, high-resolution variable direct drive motor, ultra-high-stiffness wide-range torque transducer, and precision temperature control provide the most precise and...

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RPA flexRUBBER PROCESS ANALYZER The RPA flex provides the highest quality of rubber rheometer data in a user-configurable platform, making it the perfect fit for labs that need more testing capability than an MDR alone can provide. The RPA flex includes all the same high quality features of the RPA elite, including ultra-rigid test frame, variable direct drive motor, proprietary ultra-high-stiffness torque transducer, precision temperature control with optional cooling, available Autosampler, and powerful Scarabaeus Software for control and analysis. The base level model includes a wide...

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MDR oneMOVING DIE RHEOMETER The MDR one Moving Die Rheometer (MDR) is a reliable, accurate, and easy-to-operate rotorless curemeter perfect for routine and standards-driven testing of rubber curing. The MDR one is configured for measuring curing profiles of rubber compounds under isothermal and non-isothermal test conditions at constant user-defined strain and frequency. The MDR one employs sealed biconical dies meeting all relevant ASTM, ISO, and DIN standards. The unique design includes an ultra-rigid test frame, direct drive motor, precision temperature control with optional cooling, and...

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MV oneMOONEY VISCOMETER The MV one Mooney Viscometer is a fully-featured instrument incorporating the latest technology for traditional Mooney testing. It is configured for standard viscosity, scorch and stress relaxation testing of rubber polymers and compounds under isothermal test conditions at constant speed of 2 rpm. A continuously variable motor mode allows tests over a speed range of 0.1 to 10 rpm. The MV one Mooney Viscometer is equipped with low mass rotors that meet all relevant ASTM, ISO, and DIN standards. All TA Instruments rubber testing instruments are constructed on...

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technology Direct Drive Motor Powerful direct drive motors apply precise deformation in all TA Instruments rubber rheometers and viscometers. A high quality rheological or dynamic measurement relies on the precise TA Instruments is the world’s leading supplier of analytical instrumentation for the measurement of viscosity and viscoelastic properties. The new rubber testing instruments are uniquely designed to deliver the highest quality of torque, amplitude, frequency, temperature, and pressure measurement and control. TA Instruments is the CLEAR rubber products at all stages of...

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Crosshead Bearing High Pressure Pneumatic System All TA Instruments rotorless rheometers and curemeters employ a high pressure pneumatic system to seal the sample properly and reproducibly. The high capacity pneumatic system applies up to 8 bar nominal pressure to the sample during gap closure. Proper alignment and the use of mechanical bearings ensure efficient transfer of load from the system to the sample without load frame losses. Actual sealing pressure is measured directly and recorded. This high pressure automated sample containment removes Testing Dies and Rotors The MDR one, RPA...

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test fixtures vs VOLUMETRIC SAMPLE CUTTER Rotorless Rheometer Sample Preparation RPA and MDR die surface feature an optimized arrangement of Sample preparation for RPA, MDR, and Mooney instruments is radial serrations to guarantee constant sample contact at even made safe and simple with the VS Volumetric Sample Cutter. the highest strain values. Polyester or polyamide films may be This dual-action pneumatic system allows for the preparation of used to facilitate sample release and avoid the need to clean uncured rubber specimens of a user-defined volume. dies between experiments. Preparing...

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reliable automation TA Instruments rotorless curemeters and rheometers are compatible with the highly reliable rubber automation system. This carousel-based autosampler allows for the unattended testing of rubber samples. Coupled with the Scarabaeus Software automated analysis, statistics, and control chart generation, the automated rheometer becomes a highly integrated part of the manufacturing control process. This improved data throughput is also invaluable for screening multiple formulations in a research or product development environment. autosampler tray to the test position using a...

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Density testing is made simple with the TA Instruments fully Automated Density Tester. This fully programmable, automated system measures the density of cured rubber materials using the finite difference (buoyancy) method. Active measurement of the fluid temperature increases accuracy by accounting for small changes in the density of the immersion fluid with temperature. Walk-away Automation Sequential, reliable, and unattended density measurements are made using an automatically fed sample tray with 20 or 30 sample capacity. This true walk-away automation is enhanced with software-driven...

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