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High Sensitivity Multi-Sample 3 or 8 Channel Option The best choice for isothermal calorimetry of chemical reactions and metabolic processes Long-Term Temperature Stability The TAM Air isothermal calorimetry system provides the sample flexibility and measurement sensitivity to accurately characterize Lowest Baseline Drift heat flow in a wide variety of materials. The 8-channel calorimeters are widely recognized as the instrument of choice for cement hydration analyses using ASTM C1702 and C1679. The 3-channel calorimeters have the required sensitivity to detect low levels of metabolic...

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A VERSATILE ISOTHERMAL CALORIMETER WITH High performance Robustness The TAM Air is a flexible, sensitive analytical platform that is an ideal tool for large-scale isothermal calorimetry experiments. Capable of measuring several samples simultaneously under isothermal conditions, the TAM Air with its air-based thermostat and easily interchangeable 8-channel standard volume or 3-channel large volume calorimeters, is especially well-suited for characterizing processes that evolve or consume heat over the course of days and weeks. The TAM Air offers high sensitivity and long-term temperature...

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The TAM Air is an internationally recognized microcalorimetry tool that combines unmatched long-term temperature stability and time-tested robust operation for measuring characteristic heat signatures in samples ranging from material science to metabolism of biologicals. The TAM Air thermostat can be configured to accommodate eight 20 mL samples or three 125 mL samples, each with an individual reference. The performance and reliability of the TAM Air thermostat, coupled with the easy-swap calorimeter blocks, creates a powerful analytical platform suitable for any laboratory. TAM Air Feature...

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Precise Temperature Control and Industry-Proven Performance The TAM Air is an air-based thermostat, utilizing a heat sink to conduct the heat away from the sample and effectively minimize outside temperature effects. The calorimeter channels are grouped in a single removable block. The thermostat uses circulating air and an advanced regulating system to keep the temperature stable within ±0.02 °C. The high accuracy and stability of the thermostat makes the calorimeter well-suited for heat flow measurements over extended periods of time, e.g. weeks. TAM Air Thermostat Features and Benefits:...

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TAM AIR TECHNOLOGY Versatile and Robust Calorimeter Performance The TAM Air calorimeter block is available in two versions, both employing twin-type calorimeters. The 3-channel large volume calorimeter block has three twin-type calorimeters that can accommodate 3 samples of up to 125 mL volume. The 8-channel standard volume calorimeter can accommodate eight samples of up to 20 mL volume. In both calorimeter blocks, all the samples can be measured simultaneously and independently of each other. The only characteristic of each experiment in common is the thermostat temperature. The...

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Simultaneous analysis 8-Channel Standard Volume Calorimeter The TAM Air 8-Channel Standard Volume Calorimeter consists of an eight-channel, twintype calorimeter block and data acquisition system. The calorimeters are designed for 20 mL glass or plastic ampoules or the 20 mL Admix ampoules. This sample volume is ideal for measuring more homogeneous materials such as unfilled cement through its hydration process, foods, biological materials, and thermosets in curing. 8-Channel Calorimeter Features: • Eight individual samples for maximum throughput • Individual references for each sample for...

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3-Channel Large Volume Calorimeter The TAM Air 3-channel large volume calorimeter consists of a three-channel, twin-type calorimeter block and data acquisition system. The calorimeters are designed for 125 mL glass or stainless steel ampoules. This large volume calorimeter design is especially important for heterogeneous samples and those that contain large particles, such as concrete with aggregate and soil samples. 3-Channel Calorimeter Features: • 3 individual samples with matching reference • Low baseline noise and high baseline stability for the most accurate measurements • Compatible...

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ampoule configurations AMPOULES & FIXTURES Sample Handling System - Static Ampoules The sample handling system for TAM Air includes static 20 mL and 125 mL ampoules, as well as the 20 mL Admix ampoules. The ampoules available for use in the 8-channel calorimeter block accommodate sample sizes up to 20 mL volumes. Both glass and plastic (HDPE) closed ampoules are available. These ampoules enable flexibility for sample management. The 3-channel large volume calorimeter block accommodates sample sizes of up to 125 mL. These 125 mL ampoules are available in both glass and stainless steel....

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ADMIX AMPOULE Sample Handling System – Admix Ampoule Stirring motor The Admix ampoule is a 20 mL accessory available for the 8-channel standard volume calorimeter. It is used for initiating reactions inside the calorimeter, and can be used for Manual stirring control monitoring a reaction from the initial injection. The Admix Ampoule can be configured with or without a motor for stirring. For samples such as mixtures of cement and water, manual stirring is recommended. For liquid systems, a motor may be used for stirring. The Admix Ampoule can only be used with 20 mL disposable glass...

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MODULE 614S14 PuuP COHTUt* TAM AIR/ACCESSORIES Calorimetry is a non-specific technique as it measures everything that is occurring in the sample. To increase the specificity of a calorimetric measurement it is possible to add a probe to connect a chosen property to the heat flow signal. A user-configured probe can be connected to the Voltage In/Out module of the Accessory interface box to log the voltage measured simultaneously with the calorimetric data. Features: • Increased specificity of the measurement. • Up to eight (8) identical or different accessories connected and controlled thru...

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