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Sorption Analysis Under Extreme High Pressure Wide Temperature Range Gases, Vapors and Mixtures

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IsoSORP® - 3

RUBOTHERM SERIES ISOSORP® SA MODULAR DESIGN can be configured to match SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS of your APPLICATIONS The IsoSORP SA is an advanced gravimetric instrument featuring a patented* Magnetic Suspension Balance that enables sorption measurements under high pressure or vacuum environments. • Non-contact sample weighing enables hermetic separation between sample Samples can be measured in the presence of a variety of gases or vapors over a wide temperature range covering -196°C to 400°C. A flexible selection of dosing and blending devices provide accurate control of the composition and...

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IsoSORP® - 4

TECHNOLOGY MAGNETIC SUSPENSION BALANCE (MSB Unique Magnetic Suspension Balance Technology At the heart of every Rubotherm instrument is the patented Magnetic Suspension Balance (MSB), which weighs a sample in a closed reactor cell with an external microbalance. This is realized by means of a magnetic suspension coupling that transmits the weight force through the wall of the sample cell. In this design, a permanent suspension magnet is attached at the top of an upper internal suspension shaft. A lower internal suspension shaft is connected to a crucible holding a sample material....

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IsoSORP® - 5

IsoSORP® MAGNETIC SUSPENSION BALANCE Automatic Buoyancy Correction for Unrivaled True Mass Accuracy In sorption measurements, a sample is exposed to a reaction gas at controlled temperature and pressure. Usually the pressure is incremented in a stepwise fashion, and Dual-Sample Weight and Gas Phase Density Measurements the sample mass changes due to adsorption or absorption of the gas in/on the sample The IsoSORP can be configured with a second load coupling Upper Internal Suspension Shaft buoyancy effect is the mass of the reaction gas atmosphere which is displaced by the and sample...

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IsoSORP® - 6

SAMPLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL Every IsoSORP instrument is equipped with a liquid circulator temperature system, providing temperature control in the range of room temperature to 150°C. For LT configurations it is available in a low temperature version providing control from -20°C to 100°C. Cryo-Cooling is available for the Cryo configuration for isothermal testing at -196°C when using liquid nitrogen, or -186°C when using liquid argon. An optional Cold Gas Cooling System provides extended low temperature control from -150°C to a maximum of 20°C in the Cryo configuration. Most IsoSORP...

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IsoSORP® - 7

DOSING SYSTEMS Gas & Vapor Dosing, Blending and Pressure Control Systems The accuracy of sorption measurements rely on accurate control of the pressure and the composition of the reaction atmosphere. The IsoSORP SA features three sophisticated gas & vapor dosing and blending systems with pressure controllers that ensure the highest data quality while providing flexibility to address the widest range of applications. Static Pressure Controllers, for use with pure gas or vapor, fill the sample chamber with reaction atmosphere until set point is reached, after which no more gas or vapor...

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IsoSORP® - 8

IsoSORP® APPLICATIONS Corrosive & Toxic Gas Adsorption Measurements In many applications, toxic and/or corrosive gases are used or generated. Adsorption is often the method of choice to separate or clean mixtures containing these gases. The adsorption isotherms of all gases involved are the basis for the proper design of adsorptive cleaning processes and materials. Because the IsoSORP SA design completely isolates the reaction atmosphere from surroundings, it allows sorption measurements to be performed with corrosive and toxic gases to provide the adsorption isotherms for process and...

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IsoSORP® - 9

IsoSORP® APPLICATIONS High Pressure Gas and Sub-Critical Fluid Sorption 160 High pressure gas sorption measurements on porous, adsorbent materials provide important process and application-relevant measures for understanding the solid-gas interactions. High pressure sorption analysis not only provides quantitative mass changes and kinetic rates of adsorption and desorption, but also information about the real world, application-relevant sorption capacity, pore accessibility, and isosteric heat of adsorption. Materials commonly studied include: activated carbon, zeolites, metal hydrides,...

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IsoSORP® - 10

IsoSORP® APPLICATIONS Vapor Adsorption Adsorption & Desorption Isotherms of Pure Water Vapor on an Activated Carbon Many basic chemical engineering and material science applications require a Pure Dichloromethane Vapor on an Activated Carbon at 25°C fundamental understanding of vapor sorption. Some examples include drying of gases or air, cleaning of flue gases, separation of refinery gases, and wetting and drying processes of pharmaceuticals or food. For these examples and countless more, the ad- Comparison of Adsorption of Water Vapor by Different Methods for superior vapor sorption...

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IsoSORP® - 11

[1] Vacuum specification: 0.0075 Torr possible (requires adequate vacuum pump) [2] Sample can be cooled to -196°C or -186°C, continuous temperature controlling range -150°C to 400°C [3] Up to 400°C at pressures not exceeding 150 bar [4] Not equipped with electrical heater

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IsoSORP® - 12

AMERICAS New Castle, DE USA Lindon, UT USA Wakefield, MA USA Eden Prairie, MN USA Chicago, IL USA Irvine, CA USA Montreal, Canada Toronto, Canada Mexico City, Mexico Sao Paulo, Brazil Hullhorst, Germany Bochum, Germany Eschborn, Germany Wetzlar, Germany Elstree, United Kingdom Brussels, Belgium Etten-Leur, Netherlands Paris, France Barcelona, Spain Milano, Italy Warsaw, Poland Prague, Czech Republic Sollentuna, Sweden Copenhagen, Denmark Shanghai, China Bailing, China Tokyo, Japan Seoul, South Korea Taipei, Taiwan Guangzhou, China Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Singapore Bangalore, India Sydney,...

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