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DMA - 1


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DMA - 2

Unmatched Sensitivity Superior Performance Maximum Versatility

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DMA - 3

The World’s Most SENSITIVE DMA to Measure the Lowest Forces... 5 nm Oscillation Displacements 105 Storage Modulus (MPa) Loss Modulus (MPa) Storage Modulus (MPa) Loss Modulus (MPa)

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DMA - 4

with Reliable, Efficient Environmental Systems ...and clamps optimized for ACCURACY and EASE-OF-USE

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DMA - 5

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer TA Instruments invites you to experience the ultimate in Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers, the Discovery DMA 850. Building on superior technologies of the world’s best-selling DMA, improvements in every aspect of DMA performance deliver the most accurate and reproducible measurement of mechanical properties over a wide temperature range. It’s never been easier to get great DMA data! Features and Benefits: • Non-contact, low mass motor delivers continuous forces from 0.1 mN to 18 N to measure everything from soft to stiff materials • Frictionless, low-compliance air...

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DMA - 6

Drive System Low Mass, High Stiffness Sample Clamps Responsive Direct Drive Motor The DMA 850’s non-contact motor applies both dynamic and static deformation over the full 25 mm range of motion, providing exceptional control in all modes and clamp positions. The motor is constructed of high-performance lightweight composites that maximize axial and torsional stiffness while minimizing system inertia. Sophisticated control electronics enable the fastest motor control over the widest continuous range of force, from 0.1 mN to 18 N. This enables the system to capture a broad spectrum of...

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DMA - 7

Mechanical Design An accurate mechanical measurement is built on a foundation that completely transfers all motor deformation to the sample, while also eliminating any influence from external Temperature-Controlled Transducer factors such as system resonance, thermal drift or frame deformation. Optimized Mechanics Temperature-Controlled Transducer The critical drive components of the DMA 850 are The transducer is temperature-controlled to eliminate drift mounted within a high-stiffness aluminum casting that associated with temperature changes from the sample or is rigidly mounted to an...

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DMA - 8

Environmental Control Systems Industry-leading ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL SYSTEMS The DMA 850 offers you a choice of two dedicated environmental systems: the Standard Furnace and the DMA-RH Accessory for humidity and temperature control. Installation is simple, making it convenient to switch between systems as required. All environmental systems and accessories are designed specifically for high performance DMA measurements and seamless integration and are manufactured by TA Instruments. Standard Furnace The Standard Furnace for the DMA 850 is a wide-range bifilar wound furnace that provides...

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DMA - 9

The DMA-RH Accessory is a fully integrated unit and includes the following This precision environmental system provides accurate control of sample temperature and relative humidity for DMA experiments. A custom-designed humidity and temperature chamber optimized for mechanical measurements provides stable, reliable control of temperature and humidity over a wide range of operating conditions. The system successfully prevents condensation, a common occurrence in controlled-humidity environments which makes accurate control of relative humidity impossible. Stable, responsive peltier elements...

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DMA - 10

</) Cooling Systems <D ■ ■■■ O </> v> CD O O < Nitrogen Purge Cooler (NPC) Gas Cooling Accessory (GCA) The GCA extends the operating range of the DMA 850 to -150°C. It uses cold nitrogen gas generated from controlled evaporation of liquid nitrogen. Automated filling of the tank can be programmed to occur after the scan is complete. The GCA will provide ballistic or controlled cooling rates over the entire operating range of the DMA 850 (-150 to 600°C). In general, the maximum cooling rate is a function of the installed clamp and the thermal characteristics of the sample. The figure below...

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DMA - 11

Clamp Designs The DMA 850 features clamps in a complete set of deformation types, so a broad range of samples can be accurately analyzed and closely resemble real world process or application conditions. Each clamp is individually optimized for accuracy and ease-of-use. Clamp features and benefits: • High stiffness, low mass designs provide maximum modulus accuracy thermal mass reduces temperature equilibration time and optimizes transition temperature accuracy and precision clamp stiffness calibrations ensure modulus accuracy and repeatability, especially between operators • Simple...

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DMA - 12

Clamp Designs Shear Sandwich Powder Clamp 3-point bending, or free bending, is often considered a Two equal-size pieces of the same material are sheared Parallel plate compression measurements are most suitable for low to The transition temperatures of loose powders can be difficult “pure” mode of deformation because clamping effects are between a fixed and moving plate for the measurement of moderate modulus materials such as foams and elastomers. It can also to measure by mechanical techniques.The powder accessory eliminated. Sample spans of 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, shear modulus, G....

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DMA - 13

Submersion Clamps 3-Point Bend Compression Submersion Clamps Submersion clamps for the DMA 850 are designed specifically to provide the ideal test conditions for measuring mechanical properties in a fluid environment up to 150°C. Accurate sample temperature is obtained by a thermocouple placed within the fluid reservoir and close to the sample Inert stainless steel construction and a seal-free design ensure compatibility with a wide range of fluids Temperature control provided by the Standard Furnace without additional circulators or environmental systems Deformation Modes and Sample Size *...

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DMA - 14

“APP” Style Touch Screen Revolutionary DMA performance at your fingertips The DMA 850 boasts a brand-new One-Touch-Away™ app-style touchscreen that greatly enhances usability by placing key instrument features at your fingertips. • Ergonomic design for easy viewing and operation • Packed with functionality to simplify operation and enhance user experience The app-style touch screen includes: • Start/stop experiments • Set temperature • Set clamp position • Toggle motor modes • Measure sample • Real-time signals • Test and instrument status at a glance The app-style touchscreen, powerful new...

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