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High Performance Dynamic Vapor Sorption Highest Productivity Best Accuracy Widest Humidity Controlling Range

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DISCOVERY SA DVS - DYNAMIC VAPOR SORPTION TA Instruments invites you to experience the world’s most productive Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) Analyzer, the Discovery SA. Discover the advanced engineering and attention to detail that provides enhancements in every aspect of DVS technology and a new level of user experience. With industry-leading performance, exceptionally wide humidity control range and ease of use, the Discovery SA meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Symmetric Microbalance Accuracy for Best Sorption Data Autosampler and humidifier autofill pump allow for The...

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Low DRIFT High CAPACITY Most ACCURATE DATA DISCOVERY SA WEIGHING PERFORMANCE At the core of every new Discovery SA is the proprietary Tru-Mass™ Balance. The Tru-Mass Balance system is actively temperature controlled for high sensitivity in every laboratory environment, delivers the highest resolution to accurately measure humidity sorption on the most challenging samples, and has ultra-low drift (Tru-Mass) for weight accuracy. Compared to competitive devices, the Discovery SA delivers higher weighing resolution and better baseline stability at all operating conditions. This guarantees...

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Discovery SA - 5

SOPHISTICATED TECHNOLOGY Providing ACCURATE AND REPRODUCIBLE HUMIDITY CONTROL TECHNOLOGY WIDEST HUMIDITY CONTROL RANGE Precise Wide-Range Humidity Control for Reliable Sorption Analysis The precise humidity control of the Discovery SA in combination with its industry leading weighing performance allows you to measure, analyze and optimize the water sorption properties of your sample material. Evaluating the sorption properties of advanced materials requires accurate control of Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) is a material with well characterized humidity sorption the humidity from...

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TECHNOLOGY RELIABLE AUTOMATION BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY AUTOMATION facilitates laboratory WORKFLOWS and increases RELIABILITY Improved Productivity in Sorption Analysis The integral Discovery SA autosampler features a programmable multi-position sample carousel that permits automated analysis of up to 10 samples using semispherical quartz (or metalcoated quartz) crucibles and 25 samples using the optional tray with platinum or sealed aluminum pans. The design provides smooth and efficient loading and unloading of the sample The Right Sample Pan for your Sample Material pan without disturbing the...

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Discovery SA - 7

TECHNOLOGY “APP” STYLE TOUCH SCREEN Touch Screen Features and Benefits: • Ergonomic design for easy viewing and operation • Packed with functionality to simplify operation and enhance user experience. The touch screen includes: • Start/stop runs • Test and instrument status • Real-time signals • Real-time plot • Active method viewing • Advance method segments • Autosampler calibration • Loading/unloading and taring pans • System information The app-style touch screen, powerful new TRIOS software and the robust, reliable autosampler with automated calibration and verification routines all...

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Discovery SA - 8

TECHNOLOGY TRIOS SOFTWARE Discover powerful TRIOS software that delivers exceptional user experience in a combined package for instrument control, data analysis, and reporting for thermal analysis and rheology. New features such as multiple calibration sets, real-time test method editing, and inter-laboratory data and test method sharing provide unmatched flexibility, while one-click analysis and custom reporting raise productivity to new levels. Complete Data Analysis Capabilities TRIOS Features: • Control multiple instruments with a single PC and software package • Overlay and compare...

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TECHNOLOGY TRIOS SOFTWARE TRIOS GUARDIAN CFR 21 PART 11 COMPLIANT SOFTWARE FOR REGULATED LABORATORIES Sorption Isotherm Modeling TRIOS is the only software covering the entire workflow from instrument control, data Trios Guradian is a fully integrated solution providing CFR 21 Part 11 compliance. It uses the standard file system and does evaluation, modeling of the experimental data with a choice of different isotherm not require maintenance intensive and costly third-party database, hardware, or software. Guardian is designed primarily models and report generation. Experimental sorption...

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TECHNOLOGY MEASURING PRACTICE Sorption Analysis – Experimental Procedures Sorption Analysis – Isotherm and Isohume Plots Sorption analysis quantifies the interaction of a sample material with humidity. For sorption analysis, the weight of the sample material is measured under controlled temperature (T) and The weight of the sample material is recorded while T and RH are controlled. In the example below, a step change of RH or T initiates a weight change of the sample material. The relative humidity (RH) conditions. One of these properties - T or RH - is held constant while the other is...

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Discovery SA - 11

APPLICATIONS PHARMACEUTICALS Assessing Amorphous - Crystalline Phase Changes Water or moisture is commonly found in pharmaceutical products. Water uptake by a drug substance is an inherent property. Raw materials material usually absorbs more water if it is in an amorphous state compared to the or pharmaceutical products are exposed to water vapor during processing and storage. The efficacy and tolerability of drugs can be crystalline structure. Water sorption can lower the glass transition temperature significantly altered significantly by the effect of moisture on the active...

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Discovery SA - 12

APPLICATIONS POLYMERS Assessing Water Sorption of Fuel-Cell Membranes Improvements in electrochemical conversion of water have been achieved through the development of new proton exchange membrane materials (PEM). Conversion of hydrogen Weight Change (%) and oxygen into water in fuel cells relies on a PEM. The same is true for the conversion of water to hydrogen and oxygen in electrolysers. In both, the PEMs form the heart of the Polymeric materials are applied widely in manufacturing of consumer products and as electrochemical cells and understanding the mechanisms of their degradation...

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