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Discovery Hybrid Rheometer


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Discover the rheometer with the Sensitivity Ease-of-use Versatility to address the most demanding applications

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Discovery Hybrid Rheometer - 3

HR 30/20/10 DISCOVERY HYBRID RHEOMETER The DISCOVERY HYBRID RHEOMETER The MOST POWERFUL and VERSATILE RHEOMETER for your laboratory TA Instruments invites you to experience the latest innovations in rotational shear rheometers, the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer HR 10, HR 20, and HR 30. The Discovery Hybrid Rheometers are designed for scientists who need to obtain better rheological data, under the widest range of measurement conditions, collected by more users, with less training. Advances in core measurement technology enable more sensitive measurements with superior precision. This empowers...

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Discovery Hybrid Rheometer - 4

DISCOVER UNPARALLELED MEASUREMENT SENSITIVITY and ACCURACY Measure the lowest stresses and smallest sample volumes with revolutionary torque sensitivity Unrivaled low torque sensitivity empowers you to measure lower viscosities and weaker intermolecular structures while using lower sample volumes. All Discovery Hybrid Rheometers feature TA’s patented Magnetic Thrust Bearing, which reduces basic system Report G’ and G” with confidence friction by 70% compared to traditional designs. By eliminating the contributions of high-pressure turbulent air flow from the measurement system, lower...

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Discovery Hybrid Rheometer - 5

constructed to be rugged enough to handle the stiffest materials and toughest users. True Position Sensor The DHR includes the patented True Position Sensor (TPS) for true gap accuracy. The TPS is a high-resolution linear position sensor that measures than 60% greater axial and torsional stiffness than other designs and and compensates for the effects of thermal expansion in real time. Unlike competitive devices, the TPS eliminates errors associated with thermal expansion without the need for special high inertia iron core Two high-stiffness radial bearings stabilize the system from side...

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Discovery Hybrid Rheometer - 6

DISCOVER the RHEOMETER that WORKS WITH YOU The NEW Discovery Hybrid Rheometer is your Versatility is being ready to face whatever the day brings. Whatever invisible partner in the lab, reducing the time from that may be, the NEW Discovery Hybrid Rheometer will be ready. The Discovery Hybrid Rheometer features the widest range of powerful, easy-to-use environmental systems and accessories that allow Load samples with confidence and ease complementary simultaneous measurements, or extend your rheometer you to replicate demanding environmental conditions, incorporate beyond conventional shear...

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Discovery Hybrid Rheometer - 7

DHR DYNAMIC MECHANICAL ANALYSIS (DMA) Backed by over four decades of TA Instruments’ expertise in rotational rheology and linear DMA measurements, the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer’s DMA Mode adds a new dimension for testing solid and soft-solid materials. Now in addition to the most sensitive and accurate rotational shear measurements, the DHR can deliver accurate linear Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) data. Controlled axial oscillations permit the direct measurement of E’, E”, and tan δ in tension, bending and The axial DMA capability is enabled by the DHR’s controlled oscillatory...

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Discovery Hybrid Rheometer - 8

TECHNOLOGY “APP” STYLE TOUCHSCREEN Revolutionary rheometer performance at your fingertips The new Discovery Hybrid Rheometer boasts a brand-new One-Touch-Away™ app-style touchscreen that greatly enhances usability by placing key instrument features at your fingertips. • Ergonomic design for easy viewing and operation • Packed with functionality to simplify operation and enhance user experience The app-style touchscreen includes: • Start/stop experiments • Set temperature • Set gap • Controlled rotation for sample loading • Procedure and sample details • Real-time signals • Test and...

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Discovery Hybrid Rheometer - 9

TECHNOLOGY TRIOS SOFTWARE TA Instruments’ state-of-the-art software package uses cutting-edge technology for instrument control, data collection, and data analysis for thermal analysis and rheology. The intuitive user The Most VERSATILE CONTROL and ANALYSIS SOFTWARE! interface allows you to simply and effectively program experiments, and move easily between processing experiments and viewing and analyzing data. Complete Data Analysis Capabilities A comprehensive set of relevant tools are available for real-time data analysis, even during experiments. Gain actionable insights into your...

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Discovery Hybrid Rheometer - 10

TECHNOLOGY AUTOPILOT SOFTWARE Guided Operation AutoPilot allows for guided operation of the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer. Utilize available audio and video playback capability and interactive prompts to instruct users on proper operational techniques. Experience a new paradigm in software functionality and unleash the full potential of your • Simple message boxes provide basic text feedback Discovery Hybrid Rheometer with AutoPilot, a premium feature that enables complete automation • Prompt operators for experiment parameters of powerful TRIOS software. AutoPilot allows users to quickly and...

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Discovery Hybrid Rheometer - 11

DHR TEMPERATURE SYSTEMS All DHR temperature systems and accessories are designed with superior performance and ease-of-use in mind. Only TA Instruments’ DHR offers the convenience and versatility of Smart Swap™ geometries, temperature systems, and accessories. The World’s most Versatile platform for Rheological Measurements Smart Swap technology provides fast and easy interchange of accessories with automatic detection and configuration of the rheometer for operation. Peltier Concentric Cylinder Peltier Plate system The DHR patented Peltier Concentric Cylinder Electrically Heated Concentric...

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Discovery Hybrid Rheometer - 12

Environmental Test Chamber (ETC) Relative Humidity Accessory The ETC is a high temperature Smart Swap oven that uses controlled convection/ The new Air Chiller Systems are unique gas flow cooling systems The DHR-RH Accessory is a new environmental system that radiant heating. Temperature range is -160 °C to 600 °C with heating rates up to that enable temperature control of the Environmental Test Chamber enables accurate control of sample temperature and relative 60 °C/min, providing fast response and temperature stability. The ETC is a very popular without the use of liquid nitrogen....

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