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Discover DSC SYSTEMS - 1

the WORLD’S FINEST line of DIFFERENTIAL SCANNING CALORIMETERS Discovery world’s finest line of Differential Scanning Calorimeter

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Discover DSC SYSTEMS - 2

Discover DSC SYSTEMS that deliver Unrivaled Performance Superior Accuracy Exceptional Reliability

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Discover DSC SYSTEMS - 3

Differential Scanning Calorimetry xxxxxx TA Instruments invites you to experience the world’s finest line of Differential Scanning Calorimeters, the Discovery DSC 2500, DSC 250, DSC 25, and DSC 25P. Discover the advanced engineering and attention to detail that provides enhancements in every aspect of DSC technology and user experience. From the most cost-effective DSC with industry-leading performance to the most advanced DSC available, there is a Discovery DSC to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Features and Benefits: • Fusion Cell™ with patented technology provides unrivaled...

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Discover DSC SYSTEMS - 4

respect to temperature, time, and atmosphere. The most prevalent thermal analysis technique—Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)—measures endothermic and exothermic processes and is widely used to characterize a broad range of materials including polymers, pharmaceuticals, foods, biologicals, organic chemicals, and inorganic materials. With DSC, easily measure thermal events such as the glass transition (Tg), melting, crystallization, cure reactions, onset of oxidation, and heats of transitions (enthalpy). Then expand upon the measurement of DSC Heat Flow to determine reaction kinetics,...

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Discover DSC SYSTEMS - 5

One Cell, One Sensor, Complete Performance At the core of every Discovery DSC is the NEW TA Fusion Cell™, which incorporates design concepts that “FUSE” together the best features of the world’s bestselling Q Series™ and first generation Discovery DSC, patented Tzero® technology, and new proprietary manufacturing processes. Unlike competitive designs, the Discovery DSC delivers optimum performance with a single sensor, eliminating the need to exchange sensors to optimize a specific performance aspect. The result is an innovative new DSC with unrivaled performance in baseline flatness,...

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Discover DSC SYSTEMS - 6

Schematic of the Discovery DSC Fusion Cell™ Traditionally, DSC heat flow measurements have been based on the principle that ASSUMES contributions DISCOVER more Accurate Data with patented Tzero® Technology Tzero Thermocouple Reference by the sample and reference sensors to the total Sample Platform measured heat flow simply cancel each other out. Chromel Area Detector If this assumption was true, all DSCs would have perfectly flat baselines. In reality, they do not. The fact Tzero Features and Benefits: is that each sensor’s resistance and capacitance • Flattest baselines available of any...

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Discover DSC SYSTEMS - 7

DISCOVER more about your MATERIALS with MDSC® Gain confidence in data interpretation with the help of MDSC®. Through deconvolution of the Total Heat Flow signal, component, contains glass transition and melting transitions. The Non-Reversing Heat Flow, the kinetic component, contains events like curing, volatilization, melting, and decomposition. TA invented MDSC and understands it like no other company. Modulated DSC is a standard feature on EVERY Discovery DSC model. • Increased resolution without loss of sensitivity. • More accurate measurement of initial crystallinity. • Direct...

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Discover DSC SYSTEMS - 8

Reliable Automation It’s hard to believe we could improve on the most reliable DSC autosampler on the market, but we did! The new linear autosampler is designed to be even more rugged and simple to use than ever before, while offering maximum testing flexibility. Autosampler Features and Benefits: • New Linear X-Y-Z design with integrated auto lid reduces sample loading time for increased throughput and reliability. • The integrated auto lid gives consistent and repeatable cell closure, further improving the reproducibility of measurements. • New laser positioning system enables one-touch...

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Discover DSC SYSTEMS - 9

“APP” Style Touch Screen All Discovery DSCs feature TA’s Touch Screen Features and Benefits: innovative touch screen, making • Ergonomic design for enhanced accessibility and productivity. operation easier than ever with enhanced functionality. • Packed with functionality to simplify instrument operation. • Resilient, responsive touch screen for an enhanced user experience. The One-Touch-Away™ interface includes: • Start/stop controls • Real-time signals and plot • View active method • Advance to next step in method • Autosampler calibration • Load/unload pans • System information • Test...

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Discover DSC SYSTEMS - 10

TRIOS Software Discover powerful TRIOS software that delivers exceptional user experience in a combined package for instrument control, data analysis, and reporting for thermal analysis and The Most VERSATILE CONTROL and ANALYSIS SOFTWARE! rheology. New features such as multiple calibration sets, real-time test method editing, and inter-laboratory data and test method sharing provide unmatched flexibility, while One-Click analysis and custom reporting raise productivity to new levels. Complete Data Analysis Capabilities A comprehensive set of relevant tools are available for real-time data...

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Discover DSC SYSTEMS - 11

Cooling Systems EXPLORE the full line of INTERCHANGEABLE COOLING SYSTEMS 50 Refrigerated Cooling Systems (RCS) Take advantage of the convenient Refrigerated Cooling Systems (RCS) for unattended DSC and MDSC® operation over broad temperature ranges. The new RCS 120 provides enhanced safety and is the only liquid nitrogen-free system capable of conducting experiments down to -120°C. RCS Features and Benefits: One-, Two-, or Three-stage refrigeration systems that achieve temperature ranges down to -40 °C, -90 °C or -120 °C Sealed system eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen cooling Enables...

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Discover DSC SYSTEMS - 12

Cooling Systems Explore the full line of INTERCHANGEABLE COOLING SYSTEMS designed and manufactured by TA Instruments for our DSCs Discovery Liquid Nitrogen Pump Accessory (LN Pump) The LN pump provides the highest performance and greatest flexibility in cooling for the Discovery DSC. It facilitates the lowest operational temperature (to -180 °C), greatest cooling rate capacity (to 140 °C/min), fastest sub-ambient equilibration times, and an upper temperature limit of 550°C. Operating at ambient pressure, the LN Pump uses liquid nitrogen efficiently, thus reducing operating costs. It...

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