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dilatometry Every TA Instruments dilatometer precisely measures dimensional changes of a specimen brought about by changes in its thermal environment. Typical measurements include thermal expansion, annealing studies, determination of phase transitions and the glass transition, softening points, kinetics studies, construction of phase diagrams and sintering studies, including the determination of sintering temperature, sintering step and rate-controlled sintering. Investigation of processing parameters as reflected by dimensional changes of the material can be studied in great detail...

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dilatometer DIL 805 In the heat treatment of metal alloys, the heating rate, quenching rate and isothermal dwell times are important parameters that dictate the final crystalline structure and the resultant physical properties. These microstructural changes may be observed through process simulation with real-time monitoring of dimensional change. Among other things, measurements of distinct alloy compositions are used to create time-temperaturetransformation diagrams (TTT) and continuous-coolingtransformation diagrams (CCT), which are critical in process design and optimization. The DIL...

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(dependent on sample material) -150 °C to 1300 °C

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quenching dilatometer DIL 805 ACCESSORIES 805L Quenching Dilatometer The DIL 805L is a fully automated self-contained quenching dilatometer used to observe dimensional changes under extreme conditions of controlled heating and cooling. A solid or hollow sample is inductively heated to a temperature plateau and is then continuously cooled at a user-defined (linear or exponential) cooling rate. The phase transformation occurring in the continuous cooling process or in the isothermal dwell (which may also be a multistep transition) is indicated by the measured change in length. An array of...

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805D Deformation Dilatometer Steel processes, such as hot or cold rolling, require detailed knowledge of the time-temperature-transformation diagram after deformation (DTTT diagram). With the deformation module, the principle of the 805A quenching dilatometer is extended to include controlled deformation. Solid samples are compressed using various deformation programs (e.g. linear, multi-level with a constant deformation force or rate) with controlled forces up to 25 kN or rates up to 200 mm/s. An unlimited number of deformation steps can be performed with a pause between steps of only 40...

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quenching dilatometer DIL 805 ACCESSORIES Alpha Measuring System The Alpha measuring head uses low-expansion fused silica components in conjunction with a true differential LVDT for high-precision expansion measurements. This system allows the DIL 805 to be used for traditional push-rod dilatometer studies such as the determination of the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and the softening point. DTA/DSC Measuring Head The DTA/DSC measuring head is custom-designed for the analysis of phase transformation and precipitation processes in metals. With heating and cooling rates of up to 500...

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Induction Heating Coil The custom-designed induction heating coil allows for rapid inductive heating at rates up to 4000 K/s of an electrically conductive solid or hollow sample. During a test, only the sample is heated so there is no associated furnace/insulation cool-down period, and another sample can be loaded immediately upon test completion. The hollow-core inner coil also serves as the purge gas conduit focused at the heating zone, ensuring an inert environment throughout the test. Specially designed heating rings are also available for use with samples that are not electrically...

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dilatometer APPLICATIONS Steel Phase Transformation Phase transformations in steel are highly path dependent, reflecting the effects of earlier processing steps on subsequent phase composition. The transitions between different phases of steel are especially clear when measured by the DIL 805A Quenching Dilatometer, and the temperatures at which they occur are critical in the construction of the TTT and CCT diagrams. In this example, the first ramp rate heats the sample above its austenitic temperature, at which time it is quenched. The plot shows the start (Ar3) and finish (Ar1) of the...

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The 805D add-on module can precisely control the strain-rate of a sample and measure the resultant force required to achieve this. In this high speed test run, a deformation rate of 10 mm/s is used for a maximum displacement of 5 mm (Strain 0.50). The force exerted by the hydraulic ram is closely monitored, and both data sets can be used to plot the true processing for repeatable production of steel with the desired physical properties. contraction and phase transformation is measured. Using this measured data, the manufacturer can streamline their 1 mm deformation. After another 10 s dwell...

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