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Fiber Optic COMPONENTS T&S COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD. T&S Hi-tech Park, 8 Jinxiu Middle Road, Pingshan, Shenzhen, 518118, China Tel. +86 755 32983688 SUBSIDIARIES Hechuan Powder AuspChip TASLO mmmi) i wuii*^)

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Company Profile mwnw , ^n^w^^fflrsaR^ftisifisiijR^rsww^iiii. afliTmssu ajii«Mtm»=*7&q. i^iaTi SIS09001. ISO 14001 ., IS045001 4tiK)MiEM£j*Br«ANiME, SftWEKIECQ QC080000$£|*3tt£J3i&&iMiE. T&S, established in 2000 and located in Shenzhen, is one of the Leading optical communication component manufacturers in China, specializing in developing, manufacturing, marketing an extensive range of fiber optical communication products from passive components to active categories for optical communications networks and data centers especially. T&S went public at Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code...

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0‘S FBT Coupler / PLCft#3SS PLC Splitter Ceramic Ferrule Standard Ferrule Non-standard Ferrule Fiber Stub 3*PfiaWMUB## 21 CWDM 3 Ports Device SSMMUB 23 CWDM OADM Module Fiber Optic Cable Assembly 05 IE«MW#a I EC Graded Patchcord 06 MPO/MTP£®jStf§ MPO/MTP Multi-fiber Cable Assembly 07 MPO/MTP^&^/#lfI MPO/MTP Module Cassettes/Fiber Optic Enclosures i o Master Cord 11 Optic Transmit/Receive Components 12 #a3tt«ft/AOCS8afflS** High Speed Transceiver/AOC Connection Solution 14 JtiFFSai* Fiber Optic Loopback 15 24 100GHz DWDM OADM Module Cex-WDM Module CCWDM Athermal AWG WDM Module FBG Wavelength...

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Standard Ferrule High precision and reliability Varieties of ferrule: SC, ST, LC, MU, SMA Varieties of endface: Flat, PC, Cone, Step, Pre-angled Standard Ferrule

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Non-standard Ferrule Fiber Stub ■ Large Hole Ferrule Fiber Stub ■ FES-SC-PA ■ Other specified Ferrule

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Fiber Optic Cable Assembly IEC Graded Patchcord ^Telcordia, IEC, TIA/EIA fate 100% mx± ft£RoHS£* Features Telcordia, IEC, TIA/EIA Standard Compliant 100% optical performance inspection and endface geometric parameter control Low insertion loss and high return loss Varieties of Cable Assemblies RoHS Compliant Features IEC^MRJE)I$bfatalEC61753,61755, 61300, 617541^11 Zfatemmnmm. GMm&mjc, SC, MU, LC IEC graded patchcord be in accordance with IEC61753,61755,61300,61754 standards Good random mating IL performance & High return loss Excellent endface geometry parameter Fiber core eccentricity...

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MPO/MTP Multi-fiber Cable Assembly MPO/MTP Multi-fiber Cable Assembly Compliant with IEC and TIA requirements Multi-fiber termination of 2F, 4F, 8F, 12F, 16F, 24F, 32F, 48F, 72F Precision Multi-fiber MT ferrule Push-pull latching Male and female connector type Bare & ruggedized ribbon fiber or mini round cable 8F/12F/24F/48F/72F MPO/MTP£©agSjR*!J Multi-fiber Cable Assembly Typclal Structure MPO/MTP Harness Fanout Cable Assembly MPO/MTP Trunk Cable Assembly MPO/MTP Shuffle Cable Assembly MPO/MTP Hydra Cable Assembly Fiberoptic Performance ULtlSSCUtS T2F. 4F, 6F 12F. 16F. 24F. 32F 48F....

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MPO/MTP Multi-fiber Cable Assembly MPO/MTP MPO/MTP Module Cassettes/ Fiber Optic Enclosures 16F/32F MPO/MTP0CS)SS Multi-fiber Cable Assembly 604-18-A^)i MPO/MTP^-a ftn'RoHSU^ MPO-LC duplex (24 ports) MD1-1M24L Compliant with the latest TIA-604-18-A standard Optical performace 100% factory tested and endface geometry polishing controlled Same external ferrule footprint as traditional 12-fiber ferrule Fiber quality is a multiple of 16 Used in next generation paralleltransmission RoHS compliant MPO-LC duplex (24 ports) MD2-1M24L ILs0.35dB, RLs20dB 1. Other standards(endface,3D etc.) are the...

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Optic Transmit/Receive Components ROSA LC Receptacle Features fiOmtftffdEN & IEC61754, IEC61755fc>£ FC, SC, ST, MU, LC, E2000g Master cord is in accordance with EN & IEC61754, IEC61755 standards Good random mating IL performance & High return Loss Excellent endface geometry parameter Fiber core eccentricity test & Tuning process Varieties of connectors :FC, SC, ST, MU, LC, E2000 etc. Specification Parameters TOSA Receptacle t3iX£lltt&(MPO/MTP&3l;) Master Cord (MPO/MTP Connector) Specification ;TJK Parameters Excellent stability. Reliability and Exchangeability Both SC and LC receptacle are...

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Optic Transmit/Receive Components High Speed Transceiver/AOC Connection Solution ft-aiEC, TIA/EIA (SFP. CFP. QSFP), AOCSSM&B ^RoHSpiR Compliant with Telcordia IEC, TIA/EIA standards Optical performace 100% factory tested and endface geometry controlled Use high-precision and elite MT ferrule, small bending radius fiber to achieve low loss Good performance when works with SFP, CFP, QSFP and AOC RoHS Compliant T&S MT jumper is used to connect the components inside fiber optic transceiver and external port. We use low loss MT ferrule and Corning bend-insensitive fiber to achieve low...

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Fiber Optic Loopback/Attenuator Fiber Optic Loopback Connector 4f £ Features $pnlEC61754, TIA/EIA#)i Compliant with IEC61754, TIA/EIA standards fiffiSi, Low insertion loss and high return loss LC, MPO/MTP# Loopback types: SC, LC, MPO/MTP etc. ft^RoHSg# RoHS Compliant MB6S& Adapter mm ft-g-Bellcore, IECfflTIA/EIAt*)t (jtafttttt Features Low Insertion Loss Comply with Bellcore, IEC and TIA/EIA standards Excellent repeatability Good durability Fixed Plug-in/In-line Attenuator Fiber Optic Terminator 43 Features In accordance with Bellcore ( GR-910-Core) standard Attenuation fiber be used Easy...

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FBT Coupler PLCfMSS PLC Splitter ifi&Telcordia GR-1221-CORE^TStt^, Features Passed Telcordia GR-1221 -CORE reliability tests (Over 1500 hours tests under 85°C, 85%RH) Low excess loss Features Specification xmm jsa mm /j\iHwai+ iSMGR-1209-CORE^QGR-l 221 -CORE ffdRoHStiftl Broad operating wavelength range Low insertion loss Low PDL Compact design Good channel-to-channel uniformity High reliability and stability Passed Telcordia GR-1209-Core and GR-1221 -i RoHS compliant reliability test

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PLCftESS PLC Splitter 1310/1490/1550/1625nm FWDM 4$ & mm# e fflsMtt&sPSSS HftaTelcordia GR-1209-Core fJdRoHS** Automatic alignment Optical path epoxy free Low insertion loss & High isolation Telcordia GR-1209-Core qualified RoHS compliant PON System FTTx Network CATV System Mini Type PLC Splitter Module Type PLC Splitter ffitHOtK insertion loss excludes connector loss; Customized dimension (s available; N&WWRISj K>tIfl^^J>?5MF-28 Ultraftff; Fiber type Is Coming SMF-28 Ultra optical fiber unless otherwise specified; The FWDM device with other operating wavelength can be customized.

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