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Fiber Optic Component I - 1

Ceramic Ferrule | Patchcord | Connector | Attenuator | Adapter | Splitter [ FBG Series T&S Communications Co.,Ltd. Headquarter: 8 Jinxiu Middle Road, Pingshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518118, P.R.China Tel: *86 755 32983688 Fax: *86 755 32983689 Email: Website:

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Fiber Optic Component I - 2

Company Profile f^pp Blj< Product Contents aiiMirniTOiMiiyiiffir ■S in ifififii i iffiirarimiif firr \j ^II^TfcilfgJMlfPB^ll ( T&S Communications Co., Ltd. , SZSE: 300570 ) ^tz^2ooo^0 ^/i716aPASi992^jaAPi^SCTJii«ia^, , n^TFffi , \j T&S Communications Co., Ltd. or T&S (SZSE: 300570) was founded in 2000. The early technical experts started manufacturing precision ceramic ferrule in 1992, and have been exploring fiber optic components continuously with the development of fiber optic communication for more than 20 years. T&S today is a well-known player in developing, manufacturing and...

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Fiber Optic Component I - 3

_ #£ S S Standard Ferrule ■ SC/SM/PC v Variety of Ferrule Endface sc SC/PC Singlemode Ferrule Cone Step Pre-angled SC/PC Multimode Ferrule ^1 Feature ■ High precision and reliability ■ Varieties of endface: Flat, PC, Cone, Step, Pre-angled ■ SC/SM/Cone \J —General Ferrule Specification ■ SC Ferrule Singlemode Multimode Grade B ’Master Singlemode Multimode Grade B ’Master Ceramic Ferrule

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Fiber Optic Component I - 4

fa m m s Standard Ferrule ■ SC/MM/PC sc zm135 SC/PC Multimode Ferrule ■ LC/SM & lc LC Singlemode Ferrule ■ ST/SM/PC ST ST/PC Singlemode Ferrule ■ LC/MM ✓ lc LC Multimode Ferrule LCAPC^fSfi® LC APC Singlemode Ferrule ■ MU/SM mu ®1SfiS MU Singlemode Ferrule ■ MU/MM MU Clifts MU Multimode Ferrule

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Fiber Optic Component I - 5

3E fa m jS Non-standard Ferrule ■ Special Ferrule • FEN-SC-S1 w s £ m & it BSE fl OD Tolerance Length ID Range ID Tolerance Concentricity ?L -ft ft Inner Hole Length L' (mm) FEN-SC-L FEN-LC-L 00.125 - 00.127 £0.0014 (Concentricity Assurance at Both Ends) Slot or no Slot 5-22 Ceramic Ferrule PSJifeffltnS Ceramic Ferrule

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Fiber Optic Component I - 6

Rosa & TOSA Receptacle ■ ROSA LC Receptacle IASS Insertion Loss (dB) Technical Specification m ffi Type SC SM Stub LC SM Stub , °T«tt , MttfnS£f£ Excellent stability,Reliability,Repeatability and Exchangeability fii-SSfi Storage Temperature Range: -40°C - 85°C Djj^SCfOLCM^^ Both LC and SC Receptacle are available Special design and manufacture according to customer requirement Ceramic Ferrule PSJifeffllnS Ceramic Ferrule

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Fiber Optic Component I - 7

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly ■ Module Ferrule Feature Telcordia IEC, TIA/EIA, GR326 Standard Compliant ioo% 100% Optical performance inspection and endface geometric parameter control Low insertion loss and high return loss ^ Varieties of Cable Assemblies RoHS Compliance —General Technical Specification Fiber Optic Performance Connector Mode Endface Insertion Loss Return Loss Cable Dia s£®/l<qj#£fc Geometric Parameter of Endface w ® Endface Polishing SC 8ll$=£@ Radius of Curvature (mm) L C Su&titg Apex Offset (urn) ytt-f-MSl Fiber Spherical Height (nm) Angular Error (° ) Customer...

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Fiber Optic Component I - 8

Simplex/Duplex Patchcord Jl/I Ulti - Fiber Fanout Cable Assembly © SriciflME Ordering Information Patchcord - FC / APC - SC / UPC / SM / 03 / LM / D (Pigtail) ®© ©©©©©© ® J£3kS!H§ Connector Type 2# ©MS ® Endface 2# ® Ifc&fFiber Mode ® ifeSCable Diameter (mm) © S Cable Length ( M ) FC , SC , ST, MU , LC , SMA, E2000 PC , UPC , APC FC , SC , ST , MU , LC , SMA, E2000 PC , UPC , APC SM( 0S1, 0S2 ), MM( 0M1, 0M2, 0M3, 0M4 ) <t>3 , <t>2,01.6,00.9 L=1 ,2,3,4... SiSimplex ( Omitted ), D:Duplex Distribution Cable Fanout Cord Ribbon Cable Fanout Cord Technical Specification % tl S Fiber Mode SM(...

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Fiber Optic Component I - 9

H/Ipo/MTP Multi-fiber Cable Assembly IVIpo/MTP Multi-fiber Cable Assembly Feature 8F£IEC, TIAJ^J Compliant with IEC and TIA requirements Multi-fiber termination of 2f, 4f, 8f, 12f, 16f & 32f fibers Precision Multi-fiber MT Ferrule mm Push-pull latching °r temxmmk Male and Female connector type Bare & Ruggedized Ribbon and Mini round cable Technical Specification Fiber Optic Performance Insertion Loss Maximum (dB) SiSJSft Return Loss (dB) mdfKStss© Low Loss(Elite) SM MT Ferrule musses© Standard MM MT Ferrule ^SSfflSfflS© Low Loss MM MT Ferrule MPO/MTP Harness Fanout Cable Assemblies MPO/MTP...

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Fiber Optic Component I - 10

MPO/MTP g&jjjggg Aflpo/MTP Multi-fiber Cable Assembly 16F/32F MTP/MPO 16F/32F MTP/MPO Multi-fiber Cable Assembly Feature MPO/MTP gjKjjgfg IVIpO/MTP Multi-fiber Cable Assembly MPO/MTP MPO/MTP Cassettes ft^gSJfTIA 604-18-Atgaf Compliant with emerging TIA-604-18-A FOCIS 18 standard Optical performace 100% factory tested and endface geometry polishing controlled mpo/mtp^-is , Same external ferrule footprint as existing traditional 12-fiber ferrule, but in a higher density, protocol supporting format Next generation parallel transmission protocols are arranged in increments of 8 or 16 2....

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Fiber Optic Component I - 11

jfegftaAo cii Jumpers in Module and AOC PM Patchcord Feature f?£IEC, TIA/EIA, GR326, GR1435 Series Standard Compliant Compliant with Telcordia IEC, TIA/EIA, GR326, GR1435 Standards. Optical performace 100% factory tested and endface geometry polishing controlled bass. Use high-precision and low loss MT Ferrule, small bending radius fiber to achieve low attenuation CFP, QSFP, AOCg)£fl{sM Good performance when works with SFP, CFP, QSFP and AOC ftl&RoHSg* RoHS Compliance QSFP+ MT-MT Jumper STfcS&fS Technical Specification i S Connector Type F(LowLoss) A(LowLoss) F(LowLoss) S0.35 S0.35 <0.35...

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Fiber Optic Component I - 12

Master Cord Feature ft£lEC61753, 61755, 61300, 61754^ijf*)§ In accordance with IEC61753, 61755, 61300, 61754 standards n«u*iLttiB», Good random mating IL performance & High return loss Excellent endface geometry parameter Fiber Core Eccentricity Test & Tuning Process SftfciHS&SSk FC , SC , MU , LC Varieties of connectors FC , SC , MU , LC RnSEISBS*# Special specification available upon custom request Technical Specification Attenuation Grade frF^EN&ICE61754, ICE61755^)i In accordance with EN&ICE61754 and ICE61755 standards Low insertion loss and high return loss Excellent endface geometry...

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