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Wireless Monitoring System Automatic Data Collection - Remote Monitoring - Wireless Installation Automatic Monitoring of Environmental Parameters For Museums

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Wireless Monitoring System - 2

The T&D RTR-500 Wireless Data Lo multi-point recording and reporting o data is then automatically downloade collection point without the need for collections means that archived recor Collect the Data- Not the Logger Opening display cases and climbing ladders to collect data loggerswhen you remember to, is a thing of the past. T&Ds automatic data collection system means that high value staff need not spend their time fetching data loggers, and can concentrate on being productive. Warning Not fic tion Warning Notification Warning Notification a Not f c o catio A of T&Ds ne rk c ected All of...

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Wireless Monitoring System - 3

ror-Free Record Keeping ogging System allows for completely configurable, of temperature, humidity, illuminance and UV. Recorded ed and archived to a server or other centralized data human intervention. Automated data recording and rds will always be accurate and complete. Wireless Installation & Collection T&Ds wireless system means that monitoring and recording can be accomplished at measurement points that are difficult to access without the expense of running unsightly cables. With battery operation and wireless connectivity, T&D loggers can be placed almost anywhere. Remote Monitor...

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Wireless Monitoring System - 4

T&D WebStorage Service is an online service provided by T&D Corporation. By setting up any of our compatible products to transmit recorded data and current readings to our dedicated Internet server, Users can use our WebStorage Service to access and share their data anytime from anywhere. l.unent Hcj.fcng*j H«cohM(MU|IK/| ( unm* Krutaia* D.K.i |XM 1 RTO-500AW oninn 06MO (RT»',nft*«V) Ch»om*fl Swnurw ff?TT?501) |tM| 3507 k |<hJJ00«5rrW [t mj 70 7 C IcM) J4 % [ch$J 5673000 b |cne| 84 96 mV* IthllCno. It h7< Enot TVtr Ht be unnracd modrh nckxVd <nx<n| thr Software Included with Base Unit...

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