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VR-71 - 1

Voltage Recorder ■4 Ch.l -COMMON 4 Ch.I * POWER All Types of Sensors can be Connected for the Recording of Various Data: Giving you a Low Cost yet High Performance Versatile Data Logger.

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VR-71 - 2

The VR-71 data logger measures and records voltage signals within a measurement range of DC(±)15V. It can record signals of 1-5V / 4-20mA as well as output signals from a variety of sensors. The most impressive feature is the software function that allows you to create your own dot matrix patterns for unit display and then change the recorded voltage signal into the desired unit and display accordingly to match your measurings. Features Example of Created Unit Display Measure and Record with 2 Channels on 1 Unit It is possible to measure and record on two channels with 1 unit. These two...

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VR-71 - 3

Our easy-to-use software included with this product offers a variety of useful functions at your fingertips including: the control of all aspects of data downloading, control of recording settings, graph display, printing, and file output. Up to 8 Channels of Data can be Processed at One Time By simply downloading the data from the main unit a colorful graph representing that data will be automatically created. Up to 8 channels (4 unitssof data can be represented in one graph. The data scale and unit to be used in the display can be set with the scale settings. Programmed Recording Start...

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VR-71 - 4

Specifications for VR-71 Measurement Item Number of Channels Measurement Range Software Specifications 8 channels simultaneous display and processing possible to process a Auto Range / Fixed Range Measurement Accuracy Voltage Recorder for Windows Compatible Devices Communication Functions Recording Start Programmed Start / Immediate Start Recording Stop Display Resolution Main Unit Settings Channel Name Recording Interval Recording Method Recording Interval Upper and Lower Limits Downloading of Recorded Data Recording Capacity Expansion Unit Settings Create display unit and transmit to...

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