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The easiest way to reliably monitor and report data across an entire enterprise. T&D has wireless and network connected solutions for monitoring all aspects of food preparation, transportation, storage, and service. Whether you collect data locally or from a remote location, T&D provides systems that can automate the process and ensure error-free record keeping with no monthly fees or recurring charges. If you are a professional concerned with Food Safety and preventing loss of refrigerated product, T&D has the tools you need to get the job done. STORAGE • Monitor and record zones in cold...

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Cloud Data Storage — WebStorage Service "T&D WebStorage Service" is a cloud service provided by T&D free of charge. By sending measurement data to T&D Web Storage, it is possible to access your important data anytime, anywhere. Software for Data Management and Analysis Current Readings Monitor (for RTR-500NW / 500AW) The "Current Readings Monitor" application runs on your PC, monitoring current readings over a LAN network, automatically updating data at a set interval. T&D Graph "T&D Graph" is our newly designed advanced graph application with an enhanced capability to display and analyze...

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