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Data Logger Systems

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Flexible SolutionsTo Fit Individual Needs

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Data Logger Systems - 3

Easy to install: small, robust, wireless Individual solutions flexible and economic Sensors for multiple parameters Data Logging Experience Error-free automatical documentation Convenient Cloud Computing Alarm function supports compliance with legal regulations

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Data Logger Systems - 4

Faultless Monitoring - Constant Documentation Multiple Parameters

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Data Logger Systems - 5

Versatile Fields of Application Agricultural and Environmental Monitoring Moving Objects Facility Management Food and Pharma Handling

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Data Logger Systems - 6

RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Logging System Modular components for every task: Wireless data loggers, devices for communication and data collection as well as cloud services and software

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Data Logger Systems - 7

Economic solutions with Bluetooth function and LAN communication loggers for temperatur/humidity built for Cloud Storage TR-7wb/nw Series For Easy Worldwide Access and Notification

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Data Logger Systems - 8

Smart Solution for maximum flexibility: Real-time cloud monitoring via smart devices and app Get Smart-•• Get Loggers for Smart Phon

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Data Logger Systems - 9

T&D WebStorage Service Real-time monitoring with free of charge cloud and software

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Data Logger Systems - 10

Let the cloud work for you Non-stop access App, software and storage capacity Secure documentation WebStorage Service Alert function Clearly arranged

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Data Logger Systems - 11

About T&D Corporation High quality made in Japan Founded 1984, since 2003 exporting worldwide Market leader for wireless data logger systems Cloud-based systems For industrial, public and private demands Individual, flexible and economic solutions

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Data Logger Systems - 12

Contact T&D Corporation European Sales Office Gronauer Straße 1 61194 Niddatal Germany Phone: +49 (0)6034 930970 Fax & Voice: +49 3212 68 419 58 E-mail:

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