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RoHS Compliant Product Specifications | 4th Fl.,75 HsinTai Wu Rd., Sec.1, Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan 221 AcceSS the best www.apacer.com

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CFast APCFAxxxxTAXS-XXDX Features: Standard Serial ATA 2.6 (Gen. 2) – SATA II, 3.0 Gbps – ATA-compatible command set – ATA modes support Temperature ranges – Operation: Standard: 0° to 70° C C ET*: -40° to 85° C C – Storage: -40° to 100° C C Connector type – 7 + 17 pin female connector NAND Flash Type: SLC Flash Management – Built-in hardware ECC, enabling up to 16/24 bit correction per 1K bytes – Dynamic/Static wear-leveling scheme together with dynamical block allocation to significantly increase the lifetime of a flash device and optimize the disk performance – Flash bad-block management...

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CFast APCFAxxxxTAXS-XXDX 1. General Description CFast emerges as the evolution of the CompactFlash card, by adopting SATA transfer bus rather than PATA, which delivers a much higher data transfer rate required in industrial and enterprise storage usages. Although not backward compatible with its former CF form factor, CFast proves to be a more advanced embedded solution for cache, storage acceleration, communication and networking applications that require small physical fit. Apacer CFast is designed with a powerful controller that easily breaks the performance limit for CompactFlash by...

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Table 3-1 describes CFast signal segment, and Table 3-2, its power segment. Table 3-1: Signal segment Table 3-2: Power segment 'Enabled by adjusting the pin "PC11" from low active

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Cable & Correctors Figure 3-2 SATA Cable / Connector Connection Diagram The connector on the left represents the Host with TX/RX differential pairs connected to a cable while the connector on the right shows the Device with TX/RX differential pairs also connected to the cable. Notice also the ground path connecting the shielding of the cable to the Cable Receptacle.

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CFast APCFAxxxxTAXS-XXDX 4. Product Specification 4.1 Capacity Capacity specification of the CFast is available as shown in Table 4-1. It lists the specific capacity and the default numbers of heads, sectors and cylinders for each product line. Table 4-1: Capacity specifications Capacity Total bytes* *Display of total bytes varies from file systems. **Cylinders, heads or sectors are not applicable for these capacities. Only LBA addressing applies LBA count addressed in the table above indicates total user storage capacity and will remain the same throughout the lifespan of the device....

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Apacer Industrial CFast - 8

CFast APCFAxxxxTAXS-XXDX 4.3 Environmental Specifications Environmental specification of the CFast follows the MIL-STD-810F testing standards, shown in Table 4-3. Table 4-3 Environmental specification Environment Temperature Specification Operation Storage Vibration (Non-Operating) Shock (Non-Operating) 0° to 70° (Standard); -40° to 85° (Extended Temperature) C C C C -40° to 100° C C Sine wave : 10~2000Hz, 15G (X, Y, Z axis) Half sine wave, 1500 G (X, Y, Z ; All 6 axis) Note: this Environmental Specification table indicates the conditions for testing the device. Real world usages may affect...

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Apacer Industrial CFast - 9

CFast APCFAxxxxTAXS-XXDX 5. Flash Management 5.1 Error Correction/Detection CFast implements a hardware ECC which is based on the BCH algorithm. It can detect and correct up to 16 bits or 24 bits error in 1K bytes depending on the NAND flash configuration used. 5.2 Bad Block Management Current production technology is unable to guarantee total reliability of NAND flash memory array. When a flash memory device leaves factory, it comes with a minimal number of initial bad blocks during production or out-of-factory as there is no currently known technology that produce flash chips free of bad...

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CFast APCFAxxxxTAXS-XXDX 5.6 S.M.A.R.T. S.M.A.R.T. is an abbreviation for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a self-monitoring system that provides indicators of drive health as well as potential disk problems. It serves as a warning for users from unscheduled downtime by monitoring and displaying critical drive information. Ideally, this should allow taking proactive actions to prevent drive failure and make use of S.M.A.R.T. information for future product development reference. Apacer devices use the standard SMART command B0h to read data out from the drive to activate...

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CFast APCFAxxxxTAXS-XXDX 6. Software Interface 6.1 ATA Command Set Table 6-1 summarizes the ATA command set with the paragraphs that follow describing the individual commands and the task file for each. Table 6-1: Command set Code Check Power Mode Security Erase Prepare Security Erase Unit Execute Device Diagnostic Security Freeze Lock Flush Cache Security Unlock Identify Device Idle Immediate Initialize Device Parameters Read Multiple Standby Immediate Read Sector Write Multiple Read Verify Sectors Read Verify Sectors EXT Write Sector Security Disable Password

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CFast APCFAxxxxTAXS-XXDX 7. Electrical Specification 7.1 Operating Voltage Table 7-1 lists operating voltage of CFast. Table 7-1: Operating voltage Parameter Power Supply 7.2 Power Consumption Table 7-2 Power consumption (typical) Capacity Mode Active (mA) Standby (mA) Note: Power consumption may vary from flash configurations and/or platform settings.

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TABLE 8-1: CFast physical specification FIGURE 8-1: Physical dimension

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CFast APCFAxxxxTAXS-XXDX 9. Product Ordering Information 9.1 Product Code Designations A P CFA x x x x T A X S – XX D X Flash Type T: Toshiba Flash C: Micron Flash Firmware Version C: Standard 1D Specification ET: Extended Temperature Blank: standard temperature Halogen Free Compliant Configuration E Single Channel F Dual Channel H Four Channel Model Name Apacer Product Code

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CFast APCFAxxxxTAXS-XXDX 9.2 Valid Combinations Capacity AP/N—Extended Temp. Valid combinations list out the available models for mass production. Products are normally shipped in unformatted capacities unless required otherwise. For customization request, please consult with Apacer sales representatives.

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