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SYNCO CHEMICAL CORPORATION TECHNICAL DATA SHEET SUPER LUBE® MULTI-PURPOSE SYNTHETIC GREASE WITH SYNCOLON® (PTFE) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Super Lube® Grease is a patented synthetic heavy-duty, multi-purpose lubricant with Syncolon® (PTFE). Synthetic base fluids and the addition of Syncolon® (PTFE) micro powders combine to form a premium lubricant that provides longer life protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion. Machinery lasts longer, downtime is reduced and productivity is increased. Super Lube® Grease is a NSF registered Food Grade lubricant, rated H1 for incidental food contact. Meets former USDA (H1) guidelines. Super Lube® Grease offers good mechanical stability, does not evaporate or form gummy deposits. It will not melt or separate. There is no Silicone in Super Lube® Multi-Purpose Grease with Syncolon® (PTFE). It is safe for use in paint spraying and finishing operations. FEATURES:  Dielectric  Food grade and clean  Will not drip, run or evaporate  Impervious to salt water, safe in potable water  Long lasting  Prevents rust and corrosion while reducing friction  Wide temperature range  Compatible with most other greases  Excellent water resistance and rust inhibiting properties  Outlasts conventional greases 3 to 4 times  NSF Registered (H1), # 096790  Environmentally friendly  Biodegradable  NLGI GC-LB Approved for Grade 2 only  Kosher Certified TYPICAL APPLICATIONS:  Plain, anti-friction, ball, roller, wheel bearings  Cams, slides, valves, conveyors, chains  O-ring lubrication  Food processing equipment  Caliper assembly and bearing grease  Hubs, axles, chassis, shocks, springs  Seat regulators and tracks Fifth wheels Parts lubricant Winches, pulleys, snaps Trailer and buddy bearings  Dielectric applications, battery protector  Campers, trailers, bicycles, guns, fishing gear, motorcycles, hunting gear  Weight and fitness equipment 24 DaVinci Drive, P.O. Box 405, Bohemia NY, 11716 T: (631) 567-5300 F: (631) 567-5359 E:  Linkages, hinges and locks  Lawn mowers, garage doors, snow blowers, sewing machin

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SYNCO CHEMICAL CORPORATION TECHNICAL BULLETIN SUPER LUBE® MULTI-PURPOSE SYNTHETIC GREASE WITH SYNCOLON® (PTFE) PACKAGE SIZES: Part Numbers Description NLGI–Grade 2 NLGI-Grade 1 1 cc Packet 82340 6 cc Syringe 21006 ½ oz. Tube – Blistered 21010 ½ oz. Tube 21014 1 oz. Bellow-Blistered 21020 3 oz. Tube 21030 3 oz. Cartridge 21036 14.1 oz. Cartridge 41150 41150/1 14.1 oz. Canister 41160 41160/1 450 ml. Bellow 41580 41580/1 Cartridge 5 lb. Pail 41050 41050/1 30 lb. Pail 41030 41030/1 120 lb. Keg 41120 41120/1 400 lb. Drum 41140 41140/1 Product also available in 6 oz. and 11 oz. Aerosol Part...

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SYNCO CHEMICAL CORPORATION TECHNICAL BULLETIN SUPER LUBE® MULTI-PURPOSE SYNTHETIC GREASE WITH SYNCOLON® (PTFE) Dropping Point: Penetration, worked (60 strokes) Four Ball Test Load wear index: Weld point: Four ball EP Scar Diameter: Low Temperature Torque @ -54°C Starting: 10 minute running: 1 hour running: Salt Spray Test (100 hrs.) Dielectric Strength (Volts/mil, 50 mil gap): Dielectric Resistivity: Dielectric Constant: Oil Separation: Evaporation Loss 22 hrs. @ 212°F (100°C): Oxidation Stability - 100 hrs. Timken OK Load: Flash Point: Fire Point: Wheel Bearing Leakage: Water Washout...

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SYNCO CHEMICAL CORPORATION TECHNICAL BULLETIN SUPER LUBE® MULTI-PURPOSE SYNTHETIC GREASE WITH SYNCOLON® (PTFE) SHELF LIFE / WARRANTY: Super Lube® products have a five (5) year recommended shelf life when stored in the original container and in reasonable ambient conditions. The warranty period is twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase. For complete information visit See Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for further details regarding safe use of this product. The information provided in this Technical Data Sheet including the...

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