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Use (see installation and operating instructions) The SYAM (Mobile anchoring system) is a temporary anchor point located above the user that prevents any risk of a fall. Technical specifications : - Standard PPE Category 3 – EN 795 Class B Usable by two people Light weight (15kg) Pressure free on ceiling (can be used on any type of ceilings or false- ceilings) Up to 4m20 height Patented Résistance up to 2,7 tons Training : Mandatory technical training (4 hours) provided by the supplier on your premises or on site (training certificates provided) Inspection: PPE Category 3 is inspected regularly in a defined time period - at least once a year (European Directive 89/656/EWG) Installs in less than one minute Rucksack-transportable mobile equipment Site remains clean Allows to work with both hands free Can be used whatever is the configuration : directly in front of the place of intervention or remote Also secures the equipment during its handling. Related products : SYAM+ : Derivation option that allows to work safely from the top of a ladder and attach both the scale and the operator deriving the anchor on the outside. Can’t be used without the SYAM Standard PPE Category 3 – EN 795 Class B Rucksack-transportable mobile equipment Light weight (11kg) ANCRAGE MOBILE SERVICES – WEST PARK – 21 rue de l’Industrie - F69530 BRIGNAIS Tél. 04 72 31 75 33 - Fax. 04 72 31 11 79 TEMPORARY ANCHOR DEVICE

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