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EXERGY GROUP -Experience & Know-How for Optimal Solutions - PRODUCT CATALOGUE

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Exergy group comprises of Swedish Exergy AB (SEAB), Exergy Hamacher workshop (India), Exergy Dryers Private Ltd. (India) and Greentech Exergy Superheated Steam Drying technology was invented at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg by Claes Miinter, and was commercialised by one of the seed companies from the Chalmers University of Technology, named Svensk Exergiteknik AB We have developed and commercialised technologies; forced and falling film evaporation systems, air stream drying, Belt/Bed drying, heavy duty conical rotary valves, pneumatic transport systems. The Exergy Group...

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Main Applications: -» Algae processing -» Animal Feed -» Bio- (Diesel, Ethanol, Fuel, Oil, Pellet) -» Biomethanated Effluent from distillery -» DDGS & Distillers Grain -» Dietary Fibers - FIBREX -» Green chemicals -» Empty Fruit Bunches -» Energy Integration -» Fossil to biomass conversion -» Industrial and Municipal Sludge (Waste to Energy) -» Industrial waste water treatment -» Nuclear waste water treatment -» Orange peel/citrus fruit peel -» Paper Pulp -» Sugar beet pulp -» Tea and other food products -» Waste water treatment -» Wood Pellets Production BAGASSE (FROM SUGAR INDUSTRY)...

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EXERGY SUPERHEATED STEAM DRYER Exergy Superheated Steam Dryer (SHSD) is an unique drying system developed and commercialised by Exergy during the last 35 years. The technology has been used to dry numerous products in closed loop super-heated steam. Some of the salient features are: -» Indirect heating of drying media -» High efficiency and availability -» No risk of fire, or explosion -» No emissions to atmosphere due to close drying loop -» Guaranteed complete sterilization of the product -» Short residence time (10-30seconds) and absence of air ensures a non-oxidized product -» Low floor...

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EXEMPLARY SCHEMATIC CHP CONVERSION STALOWA WOLA PLANT (3 Pre-Treatment (^) Chip Silo O Pre-Milling O Feeder O Exergy Air Stream Dryer O Feed/Discharge O Exergy Steam Dryer (3 Dry Product Silo (3 Fine Milling (^) Pre Dryer Fan (^) Heat Recovery System Q Boiler (^) Steam Turbine (^) Generator

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EXERGY AIR STREAM DRYER LOW TEMPERATURE DRYING TECHNOLOGY Exergy Air Stream Dryer (ASD) is a low temperature dryer designed as an standalone dryer or as a predryer together with Exergy Superheated Steam Dryer (SHSD) for two stage drying. Some salient features are: -» Indirect heating of drying media -> High efficiency and availability -» Low floor space requirements -» Easy to maintain with few rotating parts -> Easy integration with other processes for energy optimization -» Small foot print The Exergy Flue Gas Dryer was developed to meet the needs of the industry for the utilization of...

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EXERGY BED/BELT DRYER USE OF WASTE HEAT AS DRYING ENERGY WOOD CHIPS A simple and robust technology (patented) from Swedish Exergy AB has been used forthe last20years.The dryer can be integrated as part of fuel feeding equipment to the boiler. The dryer consists of a specially designed moving bed, heat consist exchanger and fan. Any low grade heat available can be used in our Bed/Belt Dryerforthe drying process. The desired temperature is Low cost and robust dryer for sawdust /wood chips/bark drying: -» Using low grade heat -» Works as heat sink for power plants All sorts of fuel and...

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COMPARISON BETWEEN DIFFERENT ENERGY RECOVERY kWh/ton Evap kWh/ton Evap kWh/ton Evap kWh/ton Evap kWh/ton Evap kWh/ton Evap The enegry consumption for the Exergy Superheated Steam Dryer is only 20% of conventional drying technologies. FORCED RECIRCULATION AND FALLING FILM -» Proven Technology. -» Low maintenance costs. -» No chemicals required. -> Environmentally friendly technology. -> Effective volume reduction. -> All heavy metals and other contaminants are contained in small concentrated volume. -» Lower operating costs. Main features: -» Controlled heating without evaporation -> Large...

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-» Wash Waters ■» Hazardous waste treatment ■* Post treatment of condensate & concentrate -> Industrial Waste Water treatment -» Nuclear waste water Oil Emulsions/cutting fluids treatment -» Treatment of leachate from landfill ■* Chemical cleaning fluids treatment EVAPORATION-HEAT INPUT Heat input • Direct heat • Multiple effect

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EXERGY HAMACHER T/oMaxx" ROTARY VALVES Swedish Exergy AB acquired all asets of Karl Hamacher Gmbh in 2010, including the production facility for TroMaxx" Rotary Valces & Mining Technology. TroMaxx" allows you to feed bulk goods from a pressurised chamber to the atmosphere and vice versa - in the specified quantity, at all times. With this conical rotary valve even large volumes are easy to control. Long service times are guaranteed, as TroMaxx" compensates automatically for wear as it works. The series includes models with impeller vane capacities TroMaxx" - your bridge between pressurized...

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EXERGY HAMACHER MINING TECHNOLOGY Karl Hamacher GmbH had developed different pneumatic conveying concepts, utilising pressurised air for handling a wide variety of solids. Our equipment is designed and scaled according to the required capacity and transportation distance Backfill is one of the methods in which our technology has been increasingly used For more information please contact our agents below: E-mail: sts@bbn-mining.com CT Grup Maden Ekipmanlari Ltd. §ti. Cayirhan Mahallesi Ergun Fazil Pa gal Caddesi No: 39 E-mail: mehmet.yoruk@ctme.com.tr

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Swedish Exergy AB through its subsidiary Exergy Dryers Pvt. Ltd. provides high quality automation solutions for various industry segments on a world-wide basis. Allen Bradley Compact Logic, SLC Delta Electronics Micro PLCs Motion Controllers Wonderware Intouch/System Platforms Siemens WinCC/WinCC Flexi Allen Bradley RS View/FT view Yokogawa Centrum DESIGN & ENGINEERING Electrical single line diagram Electrical wiring diagram (Auto CAD electrical/Eplan electri P8 /ELProCAD) Control panel design Technical content writing PROJECT EXECUTION & SUPPORT Automation consultation System integration...

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