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Compressed air blowing handbook SILVENT UK LTD Unit 4330, Waterside Centre, Birmingham Business Park, Birmingham B37 7YN ENGLAND PHONE +44 (0)800 432 0190 FAX +44 (0)800 432 0191 E-MAIL

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A few of our customers Six industries, six problems, one solution Advanced air nozzle technology Open pipe vs Silvent air nozzle Silvent – the company Solutions for steel mills Facts about compressed air blowing Facts about sound and noise levels Facts about compressed air energy Facts about risks of compressed air blowing Applications Making the right choice Product overview Facts about the products 86 – 87 Examples of air knives 88 Facts about air knives 89 SILVENT 300TM 90 – 91 Your application 92 – 93 SILVENT 300 Z+ 94 – 97 Standard models of air knives safety air guns 1 00 – 101...

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some think competition. we think innovation

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BMW Kimberly-Clark Baosteel Tetra Pak Sandvik Coca-Cola TATA General Motors Nippon Steel (NSSMC) SCA ABB Toyota Volvo Alcoa Chrysler Tuborg Porsche Georgia Pacific SSAB Nestle Pratt & Whitney Saint Gobain General Electric Siemens Xerox Bayer AG Renault Fuji Film Anshan Steel Mitsubishi M-real Alunorf Boeing Orrefors Intel Procter & Gamble BASF Tesla Motors Rolex Hoechst Hydro Aluminium SKF Goodyear Weyerhaeuser Arcelor Mittal Sony Honda Pfizer L'Oreal Mercedes Benz Stelco and others

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“The results showed that an investment in Silvent air guns reduced compressed air consumption by up to 57%.” Excerpt from a study conducted by a leading European car manufacturer

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Six industries Six problems – one solution Energy savings in the European automotive industry Several years ago a prominent European carmaker conducted a study of energy saving and noise reducing compressed air guns. They compared the Silvent 500 safety gun with a conventional gun. The company did extensive testing at more than 1300 work stations. The results showed conclusively that an investment in Silvent air guns reduced compressed air consumption by up to 57%. Return on Investment (ROI) was less than one year. Unique expertise helped a well-known packaging company The best known...

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People in many different industries seem to think compressed air is more or less free of cost. Nothing could be further from the truth. Compressed air is among our most expensive sources of energy. An investment in Silvent products quickly pays for itself in reduced energy costs. In addition, you get more efficient blowing, lower noise levels and a safer working environment for your operators. Silvent has invested heavily in research and development and today we offer the most advanced air nozzle technology in the world. Blowing with compressed air Blowing with compressed air is extremely...

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Compare the major differences between Silvent air nozzles and blowing with an open pipe in the table below, which is based on an eight-hour work day with blowing 5 days per week, year around. The cost of 1 Nm3 at 500 kPa is calculated to the nearest £0.0131 Through practical application testing we have been able to compile a table that shows which nozzles perform the same job as an open pipe. EXAMPLE Open pipe 0 10 mm (3/8") Number of hours per year: 52 weeks x 5 working days x 8 hours = 2,080 hours Cost per hour: 185 Nm3 x £0.013 = £2.41 Annual operating cost = £5 013 Replaced with SILVENT...

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Silvent - the company Noise is a problem In 1978 the manufacturing industry in Sweden had had it. They realized that something needed to be done about the noise situation in Swedish factories. The frequency of hearing impairment resulting from excessive noise levels was skyrocketing. Representatives from internationally known export companies, trade unions and the Ministry of Labor sat down together to make a number of historic decisions that would dramatically improve working conditions throughout Swedish industry. Numerous studies were conducted that indicated that 70-80% of all hearing...

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Silvent's highly trained employees have cutting edge expertise in blowing with compressed air. All products are assembled and inspected at our headquarters in Sweden prior to delivery. Silvent is an abbreviation of the two Latin words Silencium Ventum, which means silent wind. Silvent is headquartered in Sweden. Distributors and staff from all over the world come here for training.

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SOLUTIONS FOR STEEL MILLS We aren't a new company. The fact is that for years we've been the market leader in our segment: compressed air blowing. But it wasn't until a few years ago that we realized our products could improve quality during steel production. After thousands of hours of development, our new products —completely tailored to the steel industry—are now tested at steel mills and patented. New partner in the steel industry Although we have collaborated over the years with steel mills such as US Steel, Baosteel, and Nippon Steel, we are a relatively new partner in the steel...

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FACTS 18 - 19    Facts    about    compressed air blowing 20 - 25    Facts    about    sound and noise levels 28 - 29    Facts    about    risks of compressed air blowing

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FACTS ABOUT COMPRESSED AIR BLOWING A high noise level does not mean good blowing force Nearly everyone understands that a higher noise level doesn’t necessarily indicate a more powerful engine. Yet many people believe that the higher the noise level, the stronger the blowing force. Many industries seem to be convinced that they have implemented efficient compressed air solutions simply because the noise level is high. Do you want to know the actual truth about noise and blowing force? Not many people know just how much compressed air actually costs In your shower you use a nozzle that...

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