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Ear loop for surgical face masks are made of spandex and polyester fibers. The Overview of Round Ear Loop Round ear loop for surgical face masks are made of spandex and polyester fibers. In the process, no chemicals compounds are added. Polyester and spandex filaments are eco-friendly and have no pungent smell. They will not make people feel sick or hurt the health of users. The conventional diameter of round ear loop is 2.8-3.2MM. According to the requirements of the customer, the specification can be customized. Round ear loops are mainly applied to the production of disposable

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face masks, medical, children's face masks, medical disposable masks and surgical protective masks. The textile ear loops are durable and will not easily exude powder on surface, which means they will not make people's skin uncomfortable and even allergic. They are characterized by good uniformity, elasticity and tension and resilience. Cycloidal packaging avoids winding and knotting of the round ear loop. It extensively improves the production efficiency of face masks manufacturers and effectively avoids the entanglement and dead knot of ear loop after pulling out. It is more convenient...

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Round Elastic Band Features Our ear loop materials are purchased from famous suppliers with standardized production operation, certain quantity, stable quality and profession. There is a safe and reliable supply of our raw materials. Polyester and spandex filament from large suppliers is without stain, odor, etc. The ear loop from such raw materials will not turn yellow, contains no fluorescent components and conforms to the standard of medical raw materials. The ultra-fine knitting head developed by our company is blended with polyester and spandex fiber of good quality. The textile ear...

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ear loop will be pulled out directly. S-shaped discharge mode is used to replace the previous spiral placement mode, avoiding the dead knot. Round Elastic Ear Loop Application Surgical and medical face masks; BFE 99 face masks and N95 face masks; FFP2 three-dimensional face masks. Our ear loops are mainly used for surgical face masks, which has no toxic or irritation. The ear loop is clear and clean and there are no dirty black dots on it. The surface is easy to tensile. It is made of superfine polyester fiber and spandex fiber. No yellowing and no peculiar smell, it plays an auxiliary role...

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different medical application colors. Ear loop is made of crochet needle without any chemical material in it, the product has characteristics of softness, symmetry and uniformity.

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