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PP Spunbond Non Woven Fabric PP Spun bond non woven fabrics are mainly used for outer and inner materials of surgical and medical face masks. The Overview of PP Spun Bond Non Woven Fabric PP Spun bond non woven fabrics are mainly used for outer and inner materials of surgical and medical face masks. Because of its softness, environmental protection and practicability, it is often used to make surgical masks, medical clothing, medical caps, round caps, and various protective face masks, household face masks. It is

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also used in other medical and health industry and back fabric of other non-woven fabrics. The non woven face masks are used to prevent the spread of influenza in spring and seasonal pollen allergies. It brings great convenience to family life and increases people's comfort in life. Fuyang Sensi trading company insists on purchasing raw material only from one polypropylene factory and we only use 100% virgin polypropylene, this makes sure the polypropylene's melt index is stable and invariant, the quality of non-woven fabric produced by stable melt index polypropylene is also stable.

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Our factory imported the hyperfine spinneret from Japan and uses advanced fiber drawing technology, these make the extruded pp fiber is super slim. The nonwoven fabrics made by such kind of microfiber is thinner and smoother, the tensile strength of both machine direction and cross-machine direction are all better than any other factory, especially the tensile strength of machine direction can reach 1.1 to 1.5 times of gram weight. The surface of our fabric looks fine and closely to woven, the hand feeling is more soft and comfortable. Besides, we produce a color master batch by ourselves....

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sheet, table cover, operation gown, laboring garments. Our factory has a standard dust-free workshop with ultraviolet insecticidal facilities. It ensures that these non-woven fabrics which used for medical disposables products are clean and non-polluted, we never add calcium carbonate or recycled pp clips into pp raw material when producing nonwoven. So our non-woven hand feeling is soft, tensile strength is far beyond the requirements of industry standards. Apparel & Accessories: Coveralls, pillow cases, Airlines Headrests(Flame Retardant) garment interlining. Clothing, all kinds of the...

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formal polypropylene material instead of powder type polypropylene. The nonwoven fabric produced in this way has excellent pull strength, lint-free, wear-resistant, strong, this kind of nonwoven are widely used for furniture packing. The leather outside of the furniture is well protected and can be used for a long time and no odd smell. Our pp spunbond non-woven types are hydrophilic and UV stable, Flame retardant non woven fabric, anti-static nonwoven. Spunbond is produced in a process where polypropylene granules are melted and molten polymer is extruded through spinnerets. The continuous...

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superfine fiber. 5. The non woven fiber web transferred to hot calender by net screen and will be high temperature pressed by hot calendar, rolling up, cut off the edges on both sides, eventually become a non woven roll.

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