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CUSTOMER SERVICE For phone orders, quotation requests, and technical support: Phone 1.888.883.0128 International Phone 1.415.883.0128 Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm For correspondence by mail: Sutter Instrument One Digital Drive Novato, CA 94949 FA X ORDERS Fax International Fax 24 hours a day, every day EMAIL

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SERVICE & SUPPORT Prices included herein are for items purchased directly from Sutter Instrument for sales in the USA or Canada. International prices are typically 5% higher and all pricing is subject to change without notice. Products are sold FOB Novato (exclusive of transportation, insurance, and applicable taxes). Please contact Sutter Instrument or your local representative for a price quotation. SHIPPING Shipping charges are prepaid and added to the invoice. Unless otherwise specified when placing your order, we will use our best judgement in selecting a reliable and economical...

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Sutter Catalog - 4

MICROPIPETTE FABRICATION MICROMANIPULATION con't. Laser-Based Micropipette Puller P-1000 10 Next Generation Micropipette Puller P-97 Flaming/Brown™ Micropipette Puller 14 P-30 Vertical Puller 18 Micropipette Puller Comparison Chart 21 Filaments/Accessories 22 BOOK Advanced Techniques in 28 Micropipette Fabrication GLASS Glass Capillary Tubing 30 TRANSLATORS, STAGES & MOUNTING SYSTEMS MM-33 Micromanipulator 78 Motorized X-Y Translation System MT-1078/MT-2078/MT-2278 88 Large Moving Platform Stage New Features 3DMS 98 3-Dimensional Motorized Stage Motorized Stage and...

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Sutter Catalog - 5

MOM Computer System and Software ScanImage 174 Software and FPGA-Based System RESSCAN 178 Sutter Resonant Scan Box PS-2 / PS-2/LV 182 Multiphoton Imaging Package for Olympus BX51WI Microscope New Features BOB™ 190 Open-design Upright Microscope Comparison Chart Filter Wheel Controller 201 Comparison Chart LIGHT SOURCES Lambda LS 202 Xenon Light Source Lambda XL 208 Extended Life Light Source Lambda HPX 212 Liquid Cooled LED Light Source Lambda HPX-L5 216 High Output LED Light Source Lambda TLED/TLED+ 220 Transmitted Light Source Lambda FLED 224 Fluorescent...

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Sutter Catalog - 6

MICROPIPETTE FABRICATION The P-77 Puller was Sutter Instrument’s founding product, and the first electronic pipette puller on the market. After 40 years of continual development, we’ve become the undisputed leader in micropipette pullers. Forming glass micropipettes at a nanoscale demands precision and sophisticated controls. From years of continued refinement of the micropipette puller, Sutter pullers represent the state-of-the-art in micropipette fabrication. From the ease of use of the P-1000 touch screen display, to the P-2000, one of the only pullers available that can fabricate...

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Sutter Catalog - 7

line repeat mode, and jaw temperature sensor assist in creating the ideal pipette morphology. The pre-installed Sutter Pipette Cookbook, glossary and help topics, make it easy to access the extensive library of programs. Both pullers offer: microprocessor controlled programmability, constant current power supply, a selfcontained precision air delivery system, and a patented velocity sensing system. These design elements have led to significant improvements in pipette reproducibility when compared to other micropipette pullers. quartz tubing can now be pulled along with other lower melting...

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Sutter Catalog - 8

MICROPIPETTE FABRICATION P-2000 LASER-BASED MICROPIPETTE PULLER HOOEL ■ Capable of pulling quartz, borosilicate and aluminosilicate glass ■ Fully programmable — including heating filament characteristics ■ The laser has no melting point limit as with conventional metal filaments, and therefore, cannot be burned out ■ Pulls electrodes with tip diameters that are less than 0.03 pm ■ Optimized velocity sensing circuit for maximized sensitivity and reproducibility* ■ Operating life of the CO2 laser is expected to be in excess of ten years with normal use, after which the laser can be...

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Sutter Catalog - 9

MICROPIPETTE FABRICATION The P-2000 integrates a CO2 laser-based heat source with the technology derived from our extensive experience with conventional pullers. This system offers capabilities unmatched by other pullers. A significant advance in the technology of fabrication of micropipettes, optical fiber probes, and nanospray tips, is offered with the P-2000 micropipette puller. The use of laser heat allows the P-2000 to work with quartz glass (fused silica) as well as conventional glasses. Quartz offers superior material properties for a variety of research applications. Quartz is...

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Sutter Catalog - 10

COMMON APPLICATIONS P-2000 MICROPIPETTE FABRICATION P-2000/G ■ Patch clamp — single isolated and whole cell ■ Intracellular recording ■ Microinjection ■ Nano probe research ■ SECM P-2000/F ■ Nanospray mass spectrometry ■ NSOM ■ Tapering optical fibers 50/60 Hertz power line ■ CLASS I LASER PRODUCT 1. Munoz, J.L. and Coles, J. Quartz micropipettes for intracellular voltage microelectrodes and ion selective microelectrodes. Journal of Neuroscience Methods: 22:57-64, 1987. 2. Rae, J.L. and Levis, R. A. A method for exceptionally low noise single channel recordings. European Journal of...

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Sutter Catalog - 11

International prices vary by country. Please contact your local distributor or Sutter Instrument for a quotation. Prices subject to change without notice. Laser-based puller, outfitted for use with glass GREATER than 0.6 mm outer diameter Laser-based puller, outfitted for use with glass LESS than 0.6 mm outer diameter (Pullers include a glass stop, sample box of Q100-70-7.5 glass, mirrored tile and manual) MICROPIPETTE FABRICATION Spacer for special procedures Glass stop (Imperial) Glass loading aid Ceramic tile for scoring glass Pipette examining tile Pipette storage box (holds 10) 4 3/4 in...

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Sutter Catalog - 12

MICROPIPETTE FABRICATION P-1000 NEXT GENERATION MICROPIPETTE PULLER FEATURES P-1000 ■ Color touch screen display ■ Safe heat mode to protect and extend filament life ■ Pipette Cookbook program directory ■ Pre-heat mode improves stability ■ Line repeat mode simplifies multi-line programming ■ Help topics and error detection ■ Glossary defines micropipette and puller terminology ■ Copy & paste function for writing new programs ■ Jaw temperature sensor helps define ideal pulling conditions ■ Record of last two pull results ■ Ramp test more easily accessed and is stored and referenced within...

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