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COLOR TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY SAFE HEAT MODE TO PROTECT AND EXTEND FILAMENT LIFE PIPETTE COOKBOOK PROGRAM DIRECTORY PRE-HEAT MODE IMPROVES STABILITY LINE REPEAT MODE SIMPLIFIES MULTI-LINE PROGRAMMING HELP TOPICS AND ERROR DETECTION GLOSSARY DEFINES MICROPIPETTE AND PULLER TECHNOLOGY Developed through years of experience with the Flaming-Brown™ style micropipette pullers, and infused with leading-edge technology, Sutter is proud to introduce the P-1000 micropipette puller. The most obvious new feature is the color touchscreen display that provides an intuitive and full featured interface. The extensive library of programs found in the popular Sutter Pipette Cookbook has been incorporated into the P-1000 puller and are available to the user. You need only specify the glass, filament, and type of pipette you require, and a suitable program is identified and available for installation. This takes the guesswork out of pipette pulling and simplifies programming. The Pre-heat mode actively heats and controls the jaw temperature and assures that the jaws have reached a specific temperature before the glass is pulled. This can increase the stability of the program from pull to pull. Copy and Paste functions assure that programs can be easily written and the line repeat mode simplifies multi-line programming. A safe heat mode is an additional feature that helps the user avoid using heat settings that might damage or burn out the filament. When the safe heat mode is turned on, the puller will “check” the installed heat and alert the user when a given heat value is too low or too high in relation to the ramp value. User notes can be added to each program for annotating important information. New features for the P-1000 include: diagnostic testing of all puller components, built-in error detection of air pressure loss or filament burnout, easy access to ramp test, measurement of jaw temperature, and access to previous pull results with the heat-on times for each cycle of the program. Help topics are preloaded to assist with on-site troubleshooting, and the built-in glossary includes text, pictures, and diagrams explaining the terms used in micropipette fabrication. A rotary dial is offered as an alternative to the touch pad for numerical entry. P-1000 Flaming/Brown™ type micropipette puller, glass stop, manual, hard copy of Sutter Pipette Cookbook. Each puller comes with a FB255B filament and a sample box of BF100-50-10, BF150-110-10, and BF150-86-10 glass. Sutter pre-programs the P-1000 with a 2.5mm x 2.5mm box filament (FB255B) unless an alternative filament is requested. One Digital Drive • Novato • CA 94949 • Phone 415.883.0128 Fax 415.883.0572 • Web www.sutter.com • Email info@sutter.com

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