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SINGLE CONTROLLER AND ROE WILL RUN TWO STEPPER MOTOR DRIVE MANIPULATORS SELF-DETECTING, DAISY-CHAIN CAPABILITY ALLOWS CONTROL Of FOuR MANIPuLATORS From The ROE-200 uSER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: Single button access to all major functions new accelerated mode for fast, manual manipulator movement easy toggle selection of mode Our MP-265/M “narrow format" mechanical is designed for patch-slice manipulator systems that require more than 2 or 3 pipettes as well as for other setups where space is limited. The MP-265/M mechanical builds on our existing manipulator line in several ways: First, the narrow format means more manipulators can be grouped around a recording chamber. Futhermore, the narrow format MP-265/M allows a high precision manipulator to be inserted into small spaces in existing setups. Next, a renown Sutter, stepper-motor X-axis is coupled to a 150mm smooth-travel, linear slide to provide both precision as well as easy approach to and from the optical center. Finally, travel in the Y-axis is shortened (12.5 mm) both to economize on width and because radially oriented manipulators do not require long travel in the transverse axis. The MP-265/M manipulator was designed specifically for systems requiring 4 or more manipulators. To this end, we have put together systems with special pricing for 4, 5 and 6 manipulators, and 2 or 3 dual manipulator controllers. For the first time, pricing includes a new, narrow-format linear slide and narrow stand for mounting the MP-265/M mechanical. With the 150mm throw of the linear slide, the manipulator can be quickly and smoothly moved out to a location where there is easy access to the pipette for replacement. A narrow format version of our classic MT-70 stand is also included; the stand is removable so that the linear slide separately can be used for mounting to large platform stages like the Sutter MT-78. Through the power of the popular Sutter MPC-200 dual manipulator controller and ROE-200, and one or more MP-265/M mechanicals, one forms MP-365/M systems. A single MPC-200 controller and ROE-200 can run one or two MP-265/M manipulators. A single ROE-200, when paired with two MPC-200 controllers can control up to four MP-265/M manipulators. If you require more manipulators in a single setup, you simply duplicate the smaller systems. A new firmware version of the MPC-200/R0E-200 automatically recognizes the MP-265/M mechanical and adjusts accordingly. MPC-365 One MP-265/M manipulator mechanical, one stand, one MPC-200 controller and one ROE-200, mounting adapter plate, rod holder, 4 inch dovetail extension, manipulator and ROE connecting cables, power cord and manual. MPC-365-2 Same as the MPC-365, but with two MP-265/M mechanicals, two stands. MPC-365-3 Same as the MPC-365, but with three MP-265/M mechanicals, three stands, and two MPC-200 controllers. MPC-365-4 Same as the MPC-365, but with four MP-265/M mechanicals, four stands, and two MPC-200 controllers. MPC-365-5 Same as the MPC-365, but with five MP-265/M mechanicals, five stands, three MPC-200 controllers and two ROE-200 user interfaces. MPC-365-6 Same as the MPC-365, but with six MP-265/M mechanicals, six stands, three MPC-200 controllers and two ROE-200 user interfaces. RoHS Compliant INSTRUMENT One Digital Drive • Novato • CA 94949 • Phone 415.883.0128 Fax 415.883.0572 • Web • Email

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