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COMBINATION OF ANY TWO IPA OR DOUBLE IPA DEVICES ENABLES UP TO FOUR HEADSTAGE CHANNELS FOR AS MANY AS 16 SIGNALS FULLY INTEGRATED PATCH CLAMP AMPLIFIER AND DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM ENSURES QUICK AND EASY SETUP OPTIMIZED FOR WHOLE-CELL PATCH CLAMP RECORDINGS IN TISSUE SLICES, ADHERENT OR DISSOCIATED CELLS FULL COMPUTER CONTROL PROVIDES AUTOMATED COMPENSATION OF ELECTRODE AND WHOLE-CELL CAPACITANCE VOLTAGE AND TRUE CURRENT CLAMP CAPABILITY FOR COMPLETE CHARACTERIZATION OF CELLS' ELECTRICAL ACTIVITY BUNDLED SUTTERPATCH® SOFTWARE EXCELS IN COMPREHENSIVE DATA MANAGEMENT, INTUITIVE NAVIGATION, AND STREAMLINED DATA ANALYSIS LINE FREQUENCY REDUCTION IN SUTTERPATCH The IPA® family of Integrated Patch Amplifiers enables efficient, low-noise whole-cell recordings. The IPA system, available with either a single headstage (IPA) or dual headstages (Double IPA®), combine state-of-the-art amplifier technology with fully integrated D/A and A/D conversion and a high-speed USB interface. Acquisition, data management, and streamlined analysis are performed using the bundled SutterPatch® Data Acquisition and Analysis Software, built on the foundation of Igor Pro (WaveMetrics, Inc.). External Inputs & Outputs External signals, such as environmental parameters or stimulus information, can be recorded using 4 auxiliary analog input channels. The IPA systems also support the control of peripheral hardware, such as wavelength or solution switchers, with 2 analog and 8 digital (TTL) output channels. Alternatively to the standard breakout cable, the available Patch Panel provides a tidy way of connecting auxiliary signals on the front of your rack. SutterPatch Software The IPA system, in combination with SutterPatch software, has been engineered to automatically capture and store all amplifier settings, stimulus information and external experiment parameters and associate them in time with the raw data traces. This includes all amplifier and acquisition settings, as well as timing and progress of the experiment. Fully integrated computer control of the amplifier stages means that the acquisition software is aware of the internal state of the amplifier and digitizer at all times and can track any changes that may occur. This is independent of whether a change is triggered automatically or initiated by the user. Tracking of Other External Data In addition to status changes in connected hardware that are automatically tracked, the experimenter can manually trigger tags to document events like stimulus application in instruments not connected to the IPA system. Information about environmental parameters and a more detailed specification of sample properties can be recorded and stored with the raw data. A total of over 600 metadata attributes are supported. Examples include: animal species, strain, genotype, date/time when a cell sample was prepared, recording solutions, pipette resistance, hardware properties, and detailed information about stimuli applied. (CONTINUED ON BACK) C € R0HS2 ~ 2011/65/EU INSTRUMENT One Digital Drive • Novato • CA 94949 • Phone +1.415.883.0128 Fax +1.415.883.0572 • Web www.sutter.com • Email info@sutter.com

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Data Visualization and Analysis SutterPatch® software has been designed to simplify the navigation and analysis of complex datasets. The scope window supports multiple view modes in both two-dimensional and an innovative three-dimensional display. The 3D view is particularly useful during assay development. Built on top of the latest version of the proven Igor Pro platform, the SutterPatch program combines native Igor Pro functionality with a wealth of features that are tailored to electrophysiology applications. Both the newcomer and the experienced user of patch clamp programs will feel...

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