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DISCOUNTED PRICING OFFERS SAVINGS AND VALUE CLASSIC ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY DESIGNS AVAILABLE THROUGH A SINGLE SYSTEM CONFIURATION EACH BUNDLED SYSTEM COMES WITH 2 MANIPULATORS EASY TOGGLE SELECTION OF ACTIVE COMPONENT SINGLE ROE INPUT DEVICE CONTROLS MANIPULATORS AND MOTORIZED COMPONENTS PROVIDING EASE OF OPERATION ALL FEATURES OF MANIPULATORS, STAGES AND TRANSLATORS ARE RETAINED SYSTEMS WITH PLATFORMS INCLUDE ROTATION BASES FOR MOUNTING MANIPULATORS (Shown: 1078-385-N65. Headstages and microscope not included) MANIPULATOR / STAGE / PLATFORM BUNDLED SYSTEMS Over the last 20 years, electrophysiology rigs have developed spontaneously around several platforms. In all, the central concept is that manipulators and the sample are fixed in one frame and the microscope is fixed in a second frame. These two separate frames of reference are then moved with respect to each other in order to locate cells. Sutter Instrument is now offering several systems or “Big Kits” that include dual manipulators and either manipulator stands and scope translator or large moving stage and dual manipulators systems as one big kit. By specifying and offering the Big Kit systems, Sutter is able to extend significant price savings over the same components purchased separately. Sutter San Francisco... the classic moving scope design with manual translator and three columns and two manipulators. Developed by labs at UCSF and later used throughout the Bay area, the U.S., and the world. The time-honored method allows for easy hand access to controls on the scope and manipulators for pipette exchange and other adjustments. Sutter Alcatraz... another classic design. Relies on a manual scope translator but uses a single large fixed plate stage rather than separate stands for manipulators. Many electrophysiologists want the ability to add additional manipulators or other devices to a single large platform. Both the San Francisco and the Alcatraz are available with a motorized (rather than manual) translator. Sutter Long Island... intended specifically for multipipette electrophysiology on two-photon microscopes. Designed in conjunction with Northwestern University and first used for the CSHL Imaging course. The large moving stage can easily hold an in-vivo or slice preparation and two or more manipulators. The scope is allowed to be fixed to the table top which is required for scopes attached to two-photon sources. This same design is also good for systems where the scope has become too large to move easily like spinning disc confocals and large camera systems. The stage and manipulator systems have been used on many two-photon and other scopes including those from Intellegent Imaging Innovations, Zeiss, Olympus and Leica. This configuration is also used by researchers in custom built two-photon microscopes. Software compatibility. Motorized translation and motorized stage systems are compatible with a wide range of commercial and freeware imaging software platforms including Intelligent Imaging Innovations' Slidebook, Scan Image, MicroManager and Sutter's MCS, MOM® computer system. Please contact Sutter for a current listing of software suites that are compatible with our products. SAN FRANCISCO MT-1000 with manual X-Y translator, micromanipulators 1000-325-(scope suffix) With two MP-225 manipulators 1000-385-(scope suffix) With two MP-285 manipulators MT-2200 with motorized X-Y translator, micromanipulators 2200-325-(scope suffix) With two MP-225 manipulators 2200-385-(scope suffix) With two MP-285 manipulators ALCATRAZ MT-1078 with manual X-Y translator, micromanipulators 1078-325-(scope suffix)1 With two MP-225 manipulators 1078-385-(scope suffix)1 With two MP-285 manipulators MT-2278 with motorized X-Y translator, micromanipulators 2278-325-(scope suffix)1 With two MP-225 manipulators 2278-385-(scope suffix)1 With two MP-285 manipulators LONG ISLAND MT-78 with motorized X-Y translator, micromanipulators 78-3251 With two MP-225 manipulators MICROSCOPE MODELS -Use this scope suffix when ordering Z25 Zeiss Axioskop 2 FS Z25 Leica DMLFS (includes focus drive) Y53 Olympus BX53/63 Specify stage insert type when ordering. One Digital Drive • Novato • CA 94949 • Phone 415.883.0128 Fax 415.883.0572 • Web www.sutter.com • Email info@sutter.com

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Z25 Zeiss Axioskop 2FS Z45 Zeiss Axio Examiner Y51 Olympus BX51WI Y51-FD Olympus BX51WI (includes focus drive) L30 Leica DMLFS L35 Leica DM6000FS, Leica DM6 FS N65 Nikon FNI MICROSCOPE SUFFIXES LARGE FIXED STAGE MT-78-FS Fixed Platform Stage? Others may be available. Please call Sutter for details. CHAMBER STAND + (2) TOWERS MT-150 + MT-75 + MT-75 Three Towers? Which Electrophysiology Bundled System is Right for Me? LONG ISLAND The Long Island has no translator and is appropriate when the microscope must be stationary. Motorized Platform Stage?

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