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Gas springs and dampers for medical applications

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Gas springs and dampers for medical applications Product catalog

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Higher quality of life with technology from SUSPA Chronically ill people, injured patients or people with physical constraints are dependent on support for their movements and in their daily life. A selfdetermined support independent of third parties improves quality of life significantly. SUSPA technology can help here: thanks to variable adjustments, beds, wheelchairs or tables can easily be adjusted to meet a multitude of needs. At the same time, the height adjustment systems from SUSPA make the work of qualified personnel easier. They help saving effort and support during the patient...

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Lockable gas spring Lockline e.g. for wheelchairs page 4-5 Lockable gas spring Lockline OverloadProtection OP e.g. for massage couches page 6-7 Table column VariBase e.g. for overbed tables page 8 Table column VariStand e.g. for trolleys / carts page 9 Hydraulic damper Softline e.g. for hospital beds page 10

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The lockable gas springs provide ergonomics and comfort for the comfortable and safe adjustment of the sitting and lying positions of therapy beds, massage tables or rehabilitation equipment. Elastic locking Specification EL1 EL2 Release pin on piston rod side For the bowden cables the following parameters can be selected: length, low friction casing, cables, adjustment elements Bowden cable SUSPA supplies a wide variety of bowden cables in various lengths and designs. They can be operated by means of buttons or levers. Example for bowden cables

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For the lockable gas springs the following parameters can be selected: length, color, fitting, diameter piston rod pointing downwards black * Depending on the length of the piston rod (stroke) and

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Lockline OverloadProtection OP for lockable gas struts HY3 and HY4 The special function OverloadProtection OP for the lockable gas struts HY3 and HY4 is used for the safe adjustment of the application in the extension direction without release. Thus, for example, massage couches, armrests and footrests can be adjusted comfortably and intuitively without using the release lever: Downwards-movement of the bed-head or the footrest is only possible after using the release lever Upwards-movement of the bed-head or the footrest is possible with or without using the release lever Operating mode...

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* Depending on the length of the piston rod (stroke) and extension force, restrictions may apply. Applications Side table

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VariBase Height-adjustable table column (square column) The pneumatic height adjustable system VariBase is a professional and extremely robust holistic solution for table applications. It is particularly characterized by ease of handling and Plug & Play installation. VariBase stands out for its application with a long service life and offers comfortable height adjustment. VariBase is available in the version Big Tube Up (BTU) or Big Tube Down (BTD). Applications • Overbed tables • Side table • Trolleys, carts

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VariStand Height-adjustable table column (round column) The VariStand table column is a professional, sophisticated, design-orientated solution for all table and cart applications. It is characterized by its ease of use and plug & play assembly. VariStand is available in version Big Tube Up (BTU). Features • Elegant design with round tubes • Precise and silent roller guide system • Rigid or elastic locking in any position • Constant remaining adjustment force in any position • Optimal anti-twist protection • Large adjustment range with small installation length • Quick and easy...

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For a comfortable and vibration-free adjustment of the swivelling bed side rail, our dampers HD15 and HD18 from the Softline series are customizable. The advantages are the small installation space, the variable damping force and the durable economic solution. [M Lockable gas spring - Lockline Customized for the variable adjustment of reclining surfaces in hospital beds. • Rigid or elastic locking • Direct or indirect release • Many special functions available Damper - Softline For a comfortable adjustment of the bed side rails free from vibrations. • Very small installation space •...

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Headquarters Subsidiary Sales Partner SUSPA – Your strong industrial partner For more than 60 years, SUSPA products have been present in your daily life - at home in furniture, refrigerators and washing machines, in means of transport like buses, trains and planes, in modern office furniture, in leisure and fitness equipment, but also in hospitals and rehab centers. Although you may not be able to see our products, we are always there – increasing the comfort and safety level for all of you. Major players in the automobile, office furniture, industrial, transportation, appliance, health...

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SUSPA moves. SUSPA GmbH Mechanical Applications Industriestr. 12 -14 90518 Altdorf Germany Phone +49 9187 930 355 Fax +49 9187 930 311 Information in this product catalogue is subject to change. With more than 2,000 employees worldwide SUSPA manufactures gas springs, dampers, adjustment systems as well as crash and safety systems for many sectors; from furniture through to automobile indust

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