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SMARTLOADCELL GETTING STARTED Smart Load Cell TRQ1/TPL torque / top load tester family Serial numbers: TRQ1 torque tester: ST-E…… TPL-….. Top Load tester: ST-E…… Date of purchase: ……………………... Warranty: 3 years

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SMARTLOADCELL GETTING STARTED TRQ1 TORQUE- AND TPL TOP LOAD TESTER KIT INSTALL Download: / Support / Downloads / SmartLoadCell_Single - apk System requirements: Android 4.4 or higher, 1 GB RAM, 1 GHz Processor, 4 GB ROM Install the SmartLoadCell Android application on your device! SETUP – QUICK OVERVIEW Personalize your settings: Enter menu / setup Pair your SmartLoadCell with your device and connect. When pairing, all the important SmartLoadCell parameters will be uploaded to the phone from the SmartLoadCell’s memory (calibration data, load cell type,...

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SMARTLOADCELL GETTING STARTED DOING A TEST 1. Make sure the unloaded value is 0. If not, hit TARE button 2. Tap the diagram area to start recording 3. Perform your test Continuous and multiple tests can be stopped by tapping the diagram area again. Single and Double peak tests will stop automatically. 4. After the test you may add a comment to the test. You can also add the same comment to more test with checking “Remember” field in the comment window 5. You may save the result with the save button (unless you have selected auto save) ENJOY THE FREEDOM OF TELEMETRY! SETUP...

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SMARTLOADCELL GETTING STARTED Double peaks – Measurement stops automatic after the 2nd peak. Results: Max1, Max2 This mode is ideal for monitoring short procedures with 2 discrete peaks as cap release and warranty ring break torque testing Multiple peaks – Records only the maximum values of the test cycles – 1 test cycle is represented by 1 point on the diagram. This test is generally used for testing hundreds of cycles Result: maximum of the peaks 1. Select measuring unit 2. Set trigger level – Trigger level is a load level that starts and stops the measurement recording...

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SmartLoadCell GETTING STARTED FURTHER FEATURES CLEAR button on the main screen will clear the screen CLEAR button on the SETUP screen will clear all the setup parameters including the SmartLoadCell pairing. Menu/History - All saved results can be reviewed. Results can be deleted one by one (or in bulk with hitting the trash button longer). Diagrams can be scrolled and zoomed. Menu/Export to XML will create an export_11111_22222.xml file in the Download folder of your android device. Download file can be forwarded to PC via Bluetooth, email, internet or USB cable. shutting...

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SmartLoadCell GETTING STARTED FORCE N:    Newton SmartLoadCell unit connected, but is seems not measuring: It may happen that the pairing is not successful at the first time. In this case disconnect and connect again. If it won't help: enter MENU/SETTINGS and CLEAR the settings, then select Smart Cell again and wait until the cell data's are uploaded (Range value will be filled and status led turns from green to blue) SmartLoadCell application freezes: Enter settings/apps in on your Android device and force stop the application. If this doesn't help it is recommended to...

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