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SMARTLOADCELL ST-M2 MANUAL DESKTOP TORQUE TESTER OVERVIEW The ST-M2 torque meter is a precisions electronic instrument. The unit offers the most advanced manual torque testing solution on the market. The graphical colour display allows the monitoring of the release and application processes on torque-time graph. APPLICATION Industries: beverage, food, pharmaceutical, packaging Application sites: laboratory, production Use: Closure torque testing BENEFITS Memory - The results can be stored and sent to data collector too. The instrument’s memory can store 64 measuring results together with graphs. The stored data’s can be saved to SD-card or to PC with USB or RS-232 cable too. A narrow paper dot printer is also attachable to the ST-M for printing the results directly into a report Graph drawing - The ST-M2 draws torque-time graph of the release (or application) process. Below the graph the primary and the secondary peak torques are displayed. So the unit can be used for measuring the temper evident band’s bridge breaking torque too in one step with the initial release torque measurement. The instrument can store both the results and the graph. The stored

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SmartLoadCell results and graphs can be recalled from the memory or exported to pc or printer. Quick release sample fixing - The ST-M2 offers a special quick release mechanism for the sample fixing. Once the sample is fixed you just need to flip the handle to release the sample. To fix the next same sized sample, the handle just needs to be flipped back into the normal position. So for overcharging the samples there is no need to turn the handle back and for again, just flip the handle! IP-65 resistance grade - All the electrical connectors' of the...

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SmartLoadCell available 4-5 hours Data manager for PC Data collector for PC 4 x 1.5 V AA batteries, charger for AC 230V IP 65 English 240x230x115 mm 4,5 kg 7 kg (w x d x h): 240 x 230 x 115 mm Heavy duty waterproof case 3 years Calibration kit: Battery life: Included software: Electric supply: Resistance grade: Language: Dimensions: Footprint / Height Net weight: Shipping weight: Shipping dimensions: Shipping packaging: Warranty: 171. ST-M2 - Manual in heavy duty waterproof case, with pc software 173.    Serial data cable 121. ST-TEB Torque Etalon...

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SmartLoadCell Manufacturing and distribution: Sure Torque Europe ltd. H-1134 Budapest, Rozsafa u. 13., HUNGARY Tel.: +36.1.3917389 Fax: +36.1.3917310

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