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ST-LAB automatic torque testers

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SMARTLOADCELL ST-LAB2D/LAB5 FULLY AUTOMATIC CLOSURE TORQUETOP LOAD TESTERS OVERVIEW Sure Torque’s ST-LAB series has always been the most automatic closure Torque Tester on the market with the ability to handle the most different container and closure types. The newest models of the ST-LAB family are the ST-LAB2D and the LAB5. The key advantages of the new ST-LAB generation compared to the previous models: - Non-destructive release torque measuring without breaking seal integrity on both carbonated and aseptic products – theory of the test - Offers user configurable automatic full Top Load control for Child Resistant closures - Application angle measurement option - Fully automatic - Quick testing - Portable (in foamed heavy duty case – LAB5) - Statistics on test type/sample type (average, sigma, cpk, in/under/over range) - SD card The difference between the ST-LAB5 and the LAB-PRO2D is just the form and the size. The LAB-2D carries on the usual form of the ST-LAB series and can handle bigger samples. The operating machinery and electronics is the same at the 2 instruments. APPLICATION Industries: beverage, food, pharmaceutical, packaging Application sites: laboratory, production Use: Closure torque testing General Video: Downloadable version: Top Load seek:

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SmartLoadCell - Saving money on non-destructive release testing without breaking the seal integrity of the product. By using this test method the tested and re-torqued sample can be led back on the production line. This can result a saving of several 100.000 bottles per year - see ST-LAB saving.xls - Automatic Top Load control enables the simple and accurate testing of the Child Resistant closures. - 100% operator independent testing - All movements are fully automatic (not just the rotation, but also the container and closure gripping) - Quick...

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SmartLoadCell SmartLoadCell Mobile phone telemetry additional information Menu system: The test setup (speed, Top Load force, rotation, torque range, test methodic) can be set for each different product individually. So the operator can/must not change any setup parameter. The unit has different setup access levels with separate passwords. All tests can be finished either on torque fallback, or on rotation limit. This can also be configured to each sample type individually. Basic test options: - Release test o Range testing - Besides the exact release...

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SmartLoadCell Advanced Top Load option: This option enables the more accurate top load control. Contents of the option package: - Different, more sensitive head moving pneumatics with 0-friction actuator that enables the more accurate top load application -    Top load calibration kit -    Further test modes: - Top Load seek test Top Load will be increase automatically until the closure gets possible to open (force increment and increment dynamic is user configurable) Application angle measurement A release test where after passing the initial...

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SmartLoadCell and all details which can be imported into a pc. Results can be monitored by on line data collector too. For further information you may download this presentation with included demo videos: li nks.pps ST-LAB offers many ways for data communication. Data's can be stored on SD card, or sent via serial port to printer, pc or data collector. Results can be sent out after finishing a test automatically or manual. Stored results from the history can be exported,...

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SmartLoadCell 142. ST-LAB5 with safety door option- as in item 141, plus: - size increases to 350x400x500 mm - Foamed heavy duty transport case with NO wheels 143. Advanced Top Load option for the ST-LAb -Top Load calibration kit - Application angle measurement -Top Load seek test - Top Load will be increased automatically until the closure gets releasable (force increment and increment dynamic is user configurable) 144.    Language customization - We give you the vocabulary of the machine for translation in Excel sheet, and insert it in the pic's...

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SmartLoadCell 61. Additional cap collet 62. Additional container clamp 66. Narrow paper dot printer for direct report printing 67. Torque range increasing (from 8.5 to 12.5 Nm / from 75 to 110 LbfIn) 68. New test option, upon customers specification -if possible 69. ST-LAB-PrO2D torque calibration kit 121. ST-Tsb Torque Standard Bottle with selectable torque in range of 5-18 LbIn Manufacturing and distribution: Sure Torque Europe ltd. H-1134 Budapest, Rozsafa u. 13., HUNGARY Tel.: +36.1.3917389 Fax: +36.1.3917310

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