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SMARTLOADCELL SMARTLOADCELL SB-F SMART BOTTLE - FORCE OVERVIEW Smart Bottle is a bluetooth wireless force tester developed for testing top load force on crown cork cappers. SB-F measures the dynamic chuck top load on the capper machine even at normal production speed, during the production. Highest measuring speed is 400 Hz. Smart Bottle can be placed in any (bigger) sized dummy bottle to accommodate it to the size of the container the capper is set for. Smart Bottles are shipped calibrated, with traceable calibration certificate. APPLICATION Industries: Packaging, Beer, Beverage Areas: Maintenance, Production Applications: Dynamic Top Load force testing on crown cork capping machines. Can be used on running capper in production. Demo video:

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SmartLoadCell - Measuring Top Load on running capper, in production - No need for stopping the production for testing - Wireless - Torque-time and force-time diagram drawing and saving - Range analysis - High storing capacity on the smartphone - Diagram zooming and scrolling in the history - Adding comment to the results before saving - Free Android application - Included pc software -    3 years warranty

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SmartLoadCell additional information Measuring modes: SmartLoadCell has 4 different measuring modes. Relevant modes for this application single peak, double peak or continuous mode: Results: What to do with your results? - Add comments - Save - View from the history - diagram can be zoomed and scrolled - Send to pc on Bluetooth, wifi, mobile internet or USB cable On the PC: the included data manager program can: - convert results to csv-file (excel compatible) - display the results with diagrams - make statistical analysis of the results - create...

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SmartLoadCell Manufacturing and distribution: Sure Torque Europe ltd. H-1134 Budapest, Rozsafa u. 13., HUNGARY Tel.: +36.1.3917389 Fax: +36.1.3917310

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