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Datasheet electromagnetic flow meter SUP-LDG Committed to process automation solutions Tel: 86-15158063876 E-mail: info@supmea.com www.supmea.com F-

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Datasheet Electromagnetic flow meter for flow measurement SUP-LDG-DNXX Remote type flow meter Supmea's remote type electromagnetic flow meter. The converter and sensor of the flow meter are installed separately, so that it could be suitable for some sites with harsh working environment mentioned below. (1) The ambient temperature or the radiation temperature on the surface of the flowmeter converter exceeds 60℃. (2) Occasions where pipeline vibration is large. (3) Occasions which will seriously corrode the converter (4) Occasions with high humidity or corrosive gas. (5) The flowmeter is...

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Principle The measurement principle of magnetic flowmeters can be described as follows: when the liquid goes through the pipe at the flow rate of v with a diameter D, within which a magnetic flux density of B is created by an exciting coil, the following electromotive E is generated in proportion to flow speed v: E=K×B×V×D Where: E-Induced electromotive force K-Meter constant B-Magnetic induction density V-Average flow speed in cross-section of measuring tube D-Inner diameter of measuring tube The induced voltage signal is detected by two electrodes and transmitted to the converter via a...

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Type Remote type Remote type flowmeter signal converter 2 Remote type electromagnetic flowmeter sensor 3 Signal cable 4 User manual 1 Compact type Compact type 1 2 Compact type electromagnetic flowmeter User manual

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Parameter Power supply Power supply Power consumption Signal cable Apply only to remote type Shielded cable Output Current output function Measurement of volume and quality (in the case of constant density) Internal voltage Pulse and frequency output function Pulse output Set up Pulse and frequency output basis Output pulse width: 0.25ms ~100ms Duty cycle: 50% (Pulse frequency ≥5Hz) Fmax ≤ 5000 cp/s Status output function passive Output as alarm UOuter≤ 36VDC Communications Serial communications Current (4-20 mA) , pulse , frequency , state switch

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Measurement Accuracy Max measuring error Measurement value ±0.5%(Flow speed > 1m/s); Measurement value ±0.5% ±2mm/s(Flow speed <1m/s) Temperature sensor measuring range Maximum measurement error ±0.1℃(Within the measuring range of temperature sensor) Operating Environment Temperature Environment -10℃ - 55℃ for Compact-Type Flowmeter -10℃ - 60℃ for Converter of Remote-Type Flowmeter -10℃ – 55℃ for Converter of Remote-Type Flowmeter Electric Conductivity Water Other Min. 20μS/cm (Actual electric conductivity should be greater than 50μS/cm) Min. 5μS/cm (Actual electric conductivity should be...

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Converter Compact Type Remote Type Measurement sensor Nominal Diameter Flange Pressure rating (High pressure can be customized) DN15-DN1000 In line with GB/T9119-2000 standard carbon steel (Optional stainless steel flanges), other standard flange can be customized DN6 - DN80, PN<4.0MPa DN100 - DN150, PN<1.6MPa DN200 – DN1000, PN<1.0MPa Lining Material Electrode Material DN1200 – DN2000, PN<0.6MPa Chloroprene rubber (CR), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE/F4), Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP/F46), Teflon(PFA) 316L Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, Ti, Ta, Pt IP68 Medium temperature...

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Parameter Electrode selection Material Corrosion Resistance Molybdenum-containing stainless steel Applicable: Domestic/industrial water, sewage, weak acid and alkali saline as well as concentrated nitric acid at room temperature. Not Applicable : Hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorine, bromine, iodine and other media. Applicable: Non-oxidizing acid, such as hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid of certain concentration and other alkali liquor with a concentration of no less than 70% sodium hydroxide Not Applicable: Nitric acid and other oxidizing acids Applicable: corrosion by...

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Flow Range Nominal Diameter (mm) Reduction formula: (Flow )Q = (flow velocity) V×π×(DN/2)2,Unit: m/s and m3/h

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Parameter ★ Process connection Clamp on (Stainless steel) Flange (Stainless steel) Flange (Carbon steel) ★ Location Do not install the electromagnetic flowmeter on a free-vibrating pipe without any support. Instead, a mounting base shall be used to secure the measuring tube. When the electromagnetic flowmeter is required to be installed underground, the pipes at both inlet and outlet ends shall be provided with support items, and a metal protection plate shall be installed above the flowmeter.

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(1) No bubbles shall be observed in the pipes. (3) The electromagnetic flowmeter cannot be installed Pipes shall be designed to prevent the air bubbles in the on the suction side of the pump fluids from accumulating the measurement pipe of a sensor. If a valve exists near the flowmeter, try to mount the flowmeter on the valve’s upstream side for preventing a decrease of pressure inside the pipe possibly, consequently avoiding the possibility of air bubbles. ensure that no gas can be separated from the liquid. (4) For long pipelines, control valves are generally installed on the downstream...

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(7) Measurement error caused by incidental gas and damage of lining caused by vacuum shall be avoided As the voltage of induced signal of electromagnetic flowmeter is small, it’s more prone to be affected by noises or other electromagnetic signals. This is why the electromagnetic flowmeter needs to be grounded in many occasions. This functions to form an internal space for shielding external interference through the grounding of flowmeter casing, thereby improving measurement accuracy. Wiring Remote 100-240VAC power supply 24V power supply Relay out Pulse/Frequency output Excitation signal...

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Ordering code LDG-SUP -M1-DN50-J1-D2-I2-V1-P3-T1-E1-L2-G2-B1-IP1 LDG-SUP- Pipe size Power supply Pressure rating Temperature rating Electrode material Lining material Description Compact type Remote type DN10 - DN2000 1.00% 0.50% No output Pulse output 4-20mA output No RS232 RS485 HART Thread installation Flange installation Clamp mounting Clamp installation 220VAC 24VDC Battery powered 0.6MPa 1.0MPa 1.6MPa 2.5MPa 4.0MPa Others ≤60℃(CR/PU) ≤120℃(F4/F46) ≤150℃(PFA) 316L stainless steel Titanium Tantalum Hastelloy B Hastelloy C Platinum Tungsten carbide Neoprene(CR)

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