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Motion Control Drives IB Sériés PI Type


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Motion Control Drives IB Sériés PI Type - 1

Sumitomo DriveTechnologies Motion Control Drives

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Motion Control Drives IB Sériés PI Type - 2

Most compact in the industry 38% of our models have been downsized Motor capacity range expanded 50W-5000W Reduction ratio range expanded 1/5, 1/9, 1/15, 1/21, 1/33,1/45, 1/81 Compatible with newest servo motors! Features High torque transmission capacity, leading the industry Low backlash: 15 min Very quiet High efficiency: 90% and greater All listed reduction ratios are the actual ratios Input speeds up to 6000r/min Compatible with major servo motor flanges Flange output type available Flange Shaft Type Applications Transfer robots Peripheral equipment for robots Factory automation...

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Motion Control Drives IB Sériés PI Type - 3

Most compact in the Industry Significantly smaller size and less mass than the comparable P Series models in the low reduction ratios and medium capacity range. Mass approx. 1/3 of P Series Mass approx. 1/2 of P Series ANFX-P130N-1ZLD-5 Mass 8.4kg ANFX-P120N-7XLD-5 Mass 2.7kg Comparison of Reduction Ratio 5 for 3500W Comparison of Reduction Ratio 5 for 1500W High Moment Capacity: New Large Diameter Angular Bearing Large diameter precision angular output shaft bearings permit large radial loads while keeping the casing compact. Angular Contact Ball Bearing: High precision bearings used for...

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Motion Control Drives IB Sériés PI Type - 4

Specifications Allowable torque Rated torque at input speed 3000r/min [Nm] max. acceleration or deceleration torque [Nm] Backlash [arc-min] Moment of inertia equivalent on input shaft 2 [kgm ] *1 Peak Allowable max. torque input speed for emergency [r/min] stop [Nm] Dimensions (Solid Output Shaft) Consult Sumitomo for more details. Our products are compatible with various servo motor manufacturers' products. L 28 USA Headquarters & Manufacturing 4200 Holland Boulevard Chesapeake, VA 23323 Tel: 757-485-3355 Fax: 757-485-7490 E-mail:

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