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Worldwide Sumitomo Network Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America 870 Equestrian Court Oakville, Calle "C" No. 506A Parque Industrial Almacentro Apodaca, N. L, Mexico 66600 SM-Cyclo Reductores Do Brasil Ltda. Av. Fagundes Filho, 191 Metro Sao Judas Edificio Houston-Sala HI 23 Sao Paulo-SP SM-Cyclo De Chile, Ltda. San Pablo Ave, 3507 Quinta Normal, Santiago, Chile Buenos Aires, Argentina United Kingdom Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Europe, Ltd. Marfleet Kingston upon Hull HU9 5RA, United Kingdom Marfleet Kingston Upon Hull HU9 5RA, United Kingdom SM-Cyclo France E.U.R.L. 65/75 Avenue Jean Mermoz Arlov Sweden SM-Cyclo Iberia.S.L. C/Landabarri N°4 Escalera 1,21zqda Leioa Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany, GmbH SCG Branch Austria Office Gruentaler straBe, 30a A-4028 Linz, Austria Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive China, Ltd. 26F, Raffles City, No.268 Xizang Road Central, Shanghai, 200001 China Hong Kong SM-Cyclo of Hong Kong Co., Ltd. Unit 1802,18/F., Park Building, 476 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive No.36 Tuas South Street 3, Bandar Bukit Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. South Sathom Road, Yannawa Sathorn Representative Office 4th Floor, 99 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St. Ward Ben Thanh, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam 9 Holbech Rd., Arndell Park, NSW, 2148 Representative Office Unit 23E Burgundy Corporate Tower 252 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Makati City 759/17, Ramkripa Apartment, Flat No.2, First Floor Capt. A. Ranade Path, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 411004. Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo 141-8686, Japan <$► Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Sumitomo DriveTechnologies Worm Gear Reducer

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Extremely High Performance Worm Gear Reducer HEDCON # Ever since introduction to the market. Worm Gear Reducer HEDCON has steadily been growing in sales with its high power and performance well recognized • HEDCON has become a still higher performance worm gear reducer with increased mechanical power rating. # Allowable continuous output torque : • Dynamic etticiency : HEDCON cleats these high values with dard specifications. HEDCON is a registered tradename of SUMITOMO HEAVY INDUSTRIES. LTD.

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For Filler Dryer For Bell Press

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Energy-Saving Worm Gear Reducer 1. Larger Load Capacity # Completely meshed worm teeth With the hourglass worm, all teeth on the worm mesh effectively with the wheel. This allows for a larger contact area at all times which in turn results in the lowering of surface pressure on the worm tooth surface, thereby allow- ing a greater margin in terms of load capacity. worm ellectively The contact line of the worm and wheel runs in the direction of the length of the tooth and tooth surfaces interlocks in the direction of the tooth line. This increases the relative curvature radius and reduces...

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Worm Gear Reducer HEDCON is a hourglass shaped worm gear reducer developed and produced by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., with its vast experience and proven capacity as a manufacturer of gear reducers. Mechanical Engineers % # Accurately ground worm gears The worm gears with precision ground finish have smooth surface texture and precision tooth profile. These high quality worm gears assure endurance against large loads without destruction of the lubricant film. • Highly rigid worm shaft The worm shaft is designed to have sufficient rigidity so that it will not adversely affect the the...

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Model Descriptions Basic Model shaft arrangement Input shaft Output shaft Reduction Worm path ratio direction Dimension between input and output shaft centers i- Horizontal type lower worm shaft: B - Horizontal type upper worm shaft: T - Vertical axis wheel: W Vertical axis worm shaft: V (custom made) Ordinary shaft: no indication - Hollow shaft: indication of plate installation position Ordinary shaft: see the shaft Right hand screw: no indication {standard} Left hand screw: A (custom made) • Basic Models

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• Indication of Shaft Arrangement (Example of CB, CT, CW Type) Single Inpulshall K<KN)-R K(KN)-L K(KN)~B K(KN)-R K(KN)-L K(KN)-B Double mpui shall B(BN)-R B(BN)-L B(BN)-B B(8N)-R B(BN)-L B(BN)-8 Single inpul shall K{KN)-RU K(KN)-RD K(KN)-LU K(KN)-LD K(KN)-RB K(KN)-LB Double mput shall 8(BN)-RU B(BN)-RD B(BN) LU B(BN)-LD B(BN)-RB B (BN) -LB Shaft arrangement indication R refers to an arrangement where the low speed shaft is positioned on the right - hand side, as viewed from the high speed shaft (worm shaft) side, with the legs on the horizontal plane. Similarly, letters L, U, D and 8...

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Hedcon catalog - 8

The HEDCON worm gear reducer is basically designed to operate for 10 hours per day under uniform load (U). Consequently, when selecting the sire of the HEDCON. proceed as follows : Obtain load characteristics by machine from Table 5. service factor f i from the daily operating hours in Table 1. and start-up frequency factor U from the start-up frequency per hour from Table 2. Based on these data, determine the equivalent transmission Equivalent transmission capacity = Actual transmission powerXfi xfj Next, obtain the size that satisfies Equivalent transmission capacity ^Mechanical power...

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• Load Characteristics According to Machines Table 5 (Accordance with AGMA 420 04, Dec. 1975) Liquids (variable density) M Brew Kettles. Cont. Duty U Mash Tubs-Cont. Duty . . U Scale Hopper. Frequent Sugar refiner Clay Working Machinery Clay Working Machinery M Conveyors-Heavy Duty Cutter Head Drives . . . . H "Extruders (Plastic) Cooling Towers Induced Light (Small Diameter) U Food Industry Lino Shafts Driving Processing Machine Tools Punch Press-Gear Driven H Notching Press-Belt Other Machine Metal Mills Draw Bench Carriage Scrubber Rolls. Table Conveyors Wire Winding Machine M Mills...

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Hedcon catalog - 10

Determine Ihe required inpul power by checking the Running efficiency is calculated by Ihe following P, : Input mechanical power rating (kW) T, : Output torque rating (kgt-m) Z : Exact reduction ratio * rjm values shown in table 6 are based on the catalog rating with Ihe unit at normal operating temperature and with an approved lubricant. It the reducer is required to operate extreme under load, please consult Sumitomo Heavy Industries. LTD. If Ihe reducer is required to start under load, consid- eration must be given to Ihe starting efficiency, which would be less than iho running...

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