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Hansen Transmissions commits to be a pioneering innovator. The production of high performance gear units stems from an interactive partnership with our clients, the end users and the actively engaged manpower of our global enterprise. Embracing design, manufacturing and customer services, Hansen Transmissions has grown into a world leader in its field. Today, we set standards for both product and working environment, inciting a knowing environment to seize all new and inspiring technologies. powerful solutions for the pulp & paper and wood handling industry OjHanserr[transmissions [TRANSMISSIONS

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WOOD HANDLING This part of the process includes conveyor drives, debarking drum drives, chipper drives and chip reclaimers. All very demanding drives with severe drive conditions. The Hansen gear units meet the requirements for these applications. A vast range of varieties and accessories, such as hollow shafts, cooling/lubrications systems, backstops, motor mounts makes the standard Hansen P4 into a tailor-made unit for all these applications. PUMP DRIVES. A newly developed range of single stage gearboxes is especially designed to meet the requirements for vacuum pumps drives, head-box...

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