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Cyclo® BBB5 Bevel Buddybox®


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Cyclo® BBB5 Bevel Buddybox® - 1

WORLDWIDE LOCATIONS Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America Headquarters & Manufacturing 4200 Holland Boulevard Chesapeake, VA 23323 Tel: +1-757-485-3355 • 1-800-SMCYCLo Fax: +1-757-485-7490 E-mail: U.S. Sales and Support Chicago (Midwest) Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America 175 West Lake Drive Glendale Heights, IL 60139 Tel: +1-630-752-0200 • 1-800-SMCYCLO Fax: +1-630-752-0208 Los Angeles (West) Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America 2375 Railroad Street Corona, CA 92880-5411 Tel: +1-951-340-4100 • 1-800-SMCYCLO Fax: +1-951-340-4108 Canada Toronto (east) SM-Cyclo of Canada, ltd. 1045 South Service Road, West oakville, ontario, Canada L6L 6K3 Tel: +1-905-469-1050 • Fax: +1-905-469-1055 vancouver (West) SM-Cyclo of Canada, Ltd. 740 Chester Road, Annacis Island, delta B.C., Canada v3M 6J1 Tel: +1-604-525-5403 • Fax: +1-604-525-0879 Montreal SM-Cyclo of Canada, Ltd. 2862 Blvd. Daniel-Johnson Laval, Quebec, Canada H7P 5Z7 Tel: +1-450-686-8808 • Fax: +1-450-686-8000 Mexico Monterrey SM-Cyclo de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Av. Desarrollo No. 541 Parque Industrial Finsa Guadalupe, N.L., Mexico CP 67114 Tel: +52-81-8144-5130 • Fax: +52-81-8369-3699 Mexico City SM-Cyclo de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Privada Ceylan No. 59-B Bis Colonia Industrial Vallejo Delegacion Azcapotzalco, DF Mexico 02300 Tel: +52-55-5368-7172 • Fax: +52-55-5368-6699 Guadalajara SM-Cyclo de Mexico S.A. de C.V. Calle Broca No. 2605, Bodega 4 Parque Alamo Industrial Tlaqepaque, JAL, Mexico 44490 Tel: +52-33-3675-43-69 • Fax: +52-33-3675-4418 Sumitomo DriveTechnologtesAlways on the Move Sao Paulo SM Cyclo Redutores do Brasil Comercio Ltda. Av. Marques de Sao Vicente, 587 - Cj. 16 Barra Funda - CEP: 01139-001 Sao Paulo, Brazil Tel: +55-11-5585-3600 • Fax: +55-11-5585-3600 Santiago SM Cyclo de Chile Ltda. San Pablo 3507 Comuna de Quinta Normal - Santiago, Chile Tel: +56-2892-7000 • Fax: +56-2892-7001 Antofagasta SM Cyclo de Chile Ltda. Calle 8, Manzana N2, Sitio 1 Sector La Negra, Antofagasta, Chile Tel: +56-5556-1611 • Fax: +56-5556-1616 Concepcion SM Cyclo de Chile Ltda. Camino a Coronel Km 10, #5580, Modulo 3-A Comuna: San Pedro de la Paz - Concepcion, Chile Tel: +41-246-98-06/07 • Fax: +41-246-98-08 Hong Kong Indonesia Korea Malaysia Philippines Singapore Taiwan Thailand Cvdo® BBB5 BEVEL BUDDYBOX Speed Reducers and Gearmotors Vietnam other locations World Headquarters Japan Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Power Transmission & Controls Group ThinkPark Tower, 1-1, Osaki 2-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-6025 Japan Tel: +81-367-37-251 1 • Fax: +81-368-66-5160 Argentina Buenos Aires SM-Cyclo de Argentina SA Ing. Delpini #2236 Area de Promocion el Triangulo, Partido Malvinas Argentinas Grand Bourg, Buenos Aires, Argentina B1615KGB Tel: +54-11-4765-5332 • Fax: +54-11-4765-5517 ♦Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America Catalog 13.605.50.001 ©2012 Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America Printed in USA

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Cyclo® BBB5 Bevel Buddybox® - 2

Bevel Buddybox® Rugged Spiral Bevel Output Modular Cyclo® Input Compact Size Two-Year Warranty Highly reliable, Torque Dense Cycloidal Speed Reducers and Gearmotors in 23 standard sizes. Cyclo® BBB5 Housing Eccentric Cam and Roller Assembly Right Angle, Spiral Bevel Gearbox with Cyclo® Reducer Input. Cyclo® Discs Ring Gear Housing Integral Gearmotor Hyponic® Slow Speed Shaft Pins Features all-steel hypoid gear design, maintenancefree grease lubrication and high efficiency operation. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, registered users quickly receive results that include: Downloadable...

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Cyclo® BBB5 Bevel Buddybox® - 4

Bevel Buddybox Flexible configurations Provides high overload capacity and exceptional reliability Keyed Hollow Ensures more durable and dependable power transmission than typical keyed connections Provide long life, smooth operation and superior strength New smooth housing design is optimized for small mounting spaces Integral motor, C-Face and Quill models available Resist axial and radial loads simultaneously Prevent leaks and exclude contaminants 1.2 General Information 1.2 General Information

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Cyclo® BBB5 Bevel Buddybox® - 5

Right Angle Spiral Bevel Gearbox with Cyclo® Reducer Input Product Description The Cyclo® Bevel Buddy Box 5 (Cyclo® BBB5) built by Sumitomo is a versatile, high efficiency right angle unit that shares many of the features of the larger, robust Cyclo® BBB4. The Cyclo® BbB5 has been carefully constructed to take advantage of the inherent design advantages of the Cyclo and planetary inputs. In addition, because the design has been optimized for shaft mounted applications, the exterior dimensions have been minimized, without compromising the ability to transmit torque. The result is an...

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Cyclo® BBB5 Bevel Buddybox® - 6

Single Reduction Ratios 11 - 305 Combinations with 1750 RPM motor Sumitomo DriveTechnologies Cyclo® BBB

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Cyclo® BBB5 Bevel Buddybox® - 7

How do I select a Cyclo® BBB5 speed reducer or gearmotor? Selection is based on the actual horsepower and/or torque requirements at the output shaft. The Cyclo® BBB5 speed reducer has particularly high efficiencies over a wide range of reduction ratios, which frequently permits the use of reduced input power requirements (smaller HP or kWmotor) without sacrificing output shaft torque. The selection procedures in this catalog will guide you in choosing the most efficient reducer for your application. What information do I need to get started in the selection process? To select the proper...

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Cyclo® BBB5 Bevel Buddybox® - 8

Shaft Rotation On single reduction Cyclo® BBB5 speed reducers, ratios 11 through 417, the slow speed shaft rotates in a reverse direction to that of the high speed shaft. On double reduction units, ratios 357 through 26,492, both the high speed and the slow speed shaft rotate in the same direction. Input Speeds In general terms, the standard input speeds of single reduction units are 1750 and 1450 RPM. When non-standard input speeds are used, the power and torque ratings will also vary. Thermal Capacity The Cyclo® BBB5 speed reducer's smooth, almost frictionless operation all but eliminates...

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