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Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox® 4 Right Angle Spiral Bevel Speed Reducer with Cyclo® or Planetary Input 4 Series

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Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox® 4 Series Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox® 4 Series We’ve upgraded the rugged Cyclo® BBB series, with new features and options Right Angle Spiral Bevel Speed Reducers with Cyclo® or Planetary Reducer Inputs in ductile iron housings The Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox® 4 Series (Cyclo® BBB4) built by Sumitomo is a robust, state-of-the-art, mid-sized family of speed reducers and gearmotors. The Cyclo® BBB4 is a unique combination of features that results in a highly reliable, efficient and durable gearbox: the all-steel internal construction, Cyclo® or planetary gear inputs, and the ductile...

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Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox® 4 Series Cyclo® Technology: Unparalleled Performance Sumitomo's unique Cyclo® technology offers quiet, efficient and reliable operation with high torque density and compact size: Cycloidal "Gearless" Speed Reduction Torque transmitting parts roll, rather than grind, providing quiet, efficient and reliable performance Superior Materials 52100 bearing grade steel rotating components, hardened to 58 Rockwell C for unmatched durability and reliability Long Life and High Shock Load Capacity The Cyclo® input has two-thirds of its reduction components in contact at all...

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Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox® 4 series Product Configurator: Sumitomo Americas Trying to select a drive? Need more technical specifications? Need pricing? Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA) is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI), the global leader in power transmission knowledge and innovation. Sumitomo Drive Technologies’ online product Configurator streamlines the selection process, enabling you to build our power transmission products for your specific application. SMA began its operations in 1966 with a work force...

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