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AC Servo Motors with Gearsolution


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AC Servo Motors with Gearsolution - 1

Sumitomo DriveTechnologies AC Servo Motoren mit Getriebelosung AC Servo Motors with Gearsolution

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AC Servo Motors with Gearsolution - 2

Series Serie A STD C Compact D Dynamic IP 64 65 Special Design Sonderausführung K None/Keine S Special */Sonder * Shaft/Welle G w.o. key/Glatt P Key/Passfeder S Special/Sonder DC link voltage ZK Spannung 320 320V DC 560 560V DC 024 24V DC Connector direction /Steckerrichtung Power Feedback Leistung Signal 0 0 Radial A A Drive side/A-Seite B B Non drive side/B-Seite R R Right/Rechts L L Left/Links D D Turnable/Drehbar 270° Therm. protect / sensor Thermoschutz / Fühler T0 Bim. Öffner / TOC T1 PTC T2 NTC T3 KTY83-110 T4 KTY84-130 None/Ohne With/Mit Resolver 2-pol Encoder 1Vss Incremental 2048...

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AC Servo Motors with Gearsolution - 3

Servo Motor Options Servo Motor Optionen • Failsafe holding brake • Multipole Resolver, sin/cos encoder, single- / multiturn absolute encoder • IP 65 with shaft seal • Intercontec right angle connector • Flexible connector pinning special design • Mehrpoliger Resolver, Sin/Cos-Geber, Single- • TMS uber Bimetall Offner, KTY Sensoren • Intercontec Winkelstecker • Variable Steckerbelegung 4> Sumitomo (SHI) Cydo Drive Germany, GmbH CyclostraBe 92 - 85229 Markt Indersdorf,Germany email

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AC Servo Motors with Gearsolution - 4

AC Synchron Servo Motor In combination with reducer series: Fine Cyclo Servo 100 IB Planetary Hyponic Drive 6000 Helical Buddybox Bevel - Buddybox Standard A-Series Standard A-Serie Large Power Range Ratings to match many application requirements Breites Leistungsspektrum Feine Drehmomentabstufung passend zum Betriebspunkt Compact C-Series Kompakte C-Serie Compact Series, short frame Mo = 1 Nm up to 20 Nm Kompakte Serie, kurze Bauform Mo = 1 Nm bis 20 Nm High Dynamic D-Series Hochdynamische D-Serie High power density Nm/mm³ Low inertia Nm / kgm² Mo = 0,3 Nm up to 30 Nm Höchste...

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AC Servo Motors with Gearsolution - 5

Technical data and dimensions Technische Daten und Abmessungen Standard A-Series Standard A-Serie

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AC Servo Motors with Gearsolution - 6

Compact frame, short length Kompakte, kurze Bauform Dynamic Series with highest power density Dynamische Serie mit höchster Leistungsdichte

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