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Motion Design Technology - 1

Free Stop Motion Soft Motion Power Assist Motion Click Motion Unique Motion

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Motion Design Technology - 2

Soft motion Free-stop motion Power assist motion Click motion Unique motion What is Sugatsune's "Motion Design Tech"? Motion | | New motion Tech | | With technology Motion Design Tech is Sugatsune's unique product concept to provide specialist movement solutions for your flaps and doors. The operability of doors or lids can be improved by choosing from the 5 types of motion suitable for work environment. It can also improve the efficiency of work involving opening and closing movements, increasing the added value of the device and equipment. Motion Design Tech Lab (Development laboratory)...

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Motion Design Technology - 3

Free Stop Motion It can hold the door, lid or cover in any position during opening or closing. Applicable Places Torque Hinge HG-TS Ideal for top-opening covers in a production line, as it allows for the cover to be held open in any position. Because no stopper is necessary, speedy checks and maintenance is possible. No stay is needed, clearing additional space inside the machine. Users don’t have to worry about slamming the lid closed, bringing additional safety and ensuring it remains damage-free. フリーストップ モーション Suitable for displays of airplane seats. Enables a monitor to be adjusted to a...

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Motion Design Technology - 4

Soft Motion Reduces the opening/closing speed of doors, lids or drawers. Applicable Places This is ideal for wall-storage or information terminals in hospitals. Once used and the flap is lightly pushed up, it will slowly and naturally close. This is a perfect solution for quiet environments. ゆっくり Self-close Stay うごくHDS-10S P.99 This is suitable for food display cases such as selfserve bakery cases and candy or sweet cases, etc. If the flap is pushed down slightly, it will close naturally and slowly by itself. (It isn’t necessary to hold the flap until it closes completely) Disk Damper UDD...

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Motion Design Technology - 5

Power Assist Motion Assists in opening/closing heavy doors, lids or covers. Applicable Places Lift Assist Hinge HG-PA230 かるがる ひらく パワーアシスト モーション Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Lid Stay P.157 Ideal for a large sized analysing device and enables a heavy flap to be opened using little power. Stainless Steel Lift Assist Hinge HG-JH210 Anyone can easily handle it with one hand - neither the opening nor closing operation will burden users. Lifts by means of reaction force Compression Spring Torsion Spring Reaction force is generated when the shrunken spring returns to its original shape. Reaction force...

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Motion Design Technology - 6

Click Motion Temporarily holds door, lid or cover during opening/closing at a certain angle with a unique feel. Applicable Places Ideal for a measuring device in a laboratory and enables a flap to be held at a certain angle. It also prevents a flap moving freely so users don't have to worry about it knocking down an instrument. カチッと とまる クリック モーション Temporarily holds with detent mechanism When rotating two grooved parts with balls between them, the moving balls will fall into the grooves, realising temporary holding.

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Motion Design Technology - 7

Unique Motion Expand variations of opening/closing locus. Applicable Places Moves by using link mechanism Ideal for large-size machines such as in food processing or printing. It enables a flap to move parallel to a body and decreases the space needed to open the door. By using this mechanism, an open door will not obstruct narrow corridors in a factory where several machines are operating. The Combining multiple shafts and arms creates more versatile locus than moving with one shaft. wide opening makes it easier to take something in and out. Example 1 Locus of MonoFlat LIN-X hinge    Door...

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Motion Design Technology - 8

Manufacturing Factory Functions that support operators relieve the burden and maintain a comfortable working space without stopping the production line. Hospital From the equipment of the operation room to the cabinets for the wards. Our products enhance the safety and comfort of both patients and staff. Operation Room For swivelling of operation panel Possible to pass through cables Swivel Torque Hinge P.51 For biological information monitor Research Institute Exactly stopping in an easy-to-view direction Suitable for equipment lids and covers of various sizes. Improving operability and...

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Motion Design Technology - 9

8 Railway Vehicle, Station Supporting routine operation and maintenance work. Vehicle Deck Holding door in closed position Supermarket More efficient money handling work reduces burden on employees. Cash Register Angle adjustment according to one's eyesight Possible to open top-opening lid easily Top-opening lid can be opened lightly Torque Hinge Lift Assist Stay Free-stop Stay Food Factory, Kitchen Reducing the risk of foreign matter ingress for the sake of hygiene. Food Factory For door of cooking table Stopping door exactly in any position Concealed Torque Hinge No outward projection of...

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