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SMG Overview - 1

SMG High performance machines for plastic strapping

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SMG Overview - 2

The new SMG Generation From the stand alone machine to fully automatic production lines 5 Highlights Easy operation, cost effective, easy to maintain •  Up to 70 cycles   per minute •  Touch Panel:   Strap tension easily  adjustable •  Simple technology, few   moving parts •  Constant strap tension   for various products Simple coil change: Minimum downtime for coil change thanks to automatic strap threading Easy operation: Strap tension adjustable with press button •  Simple coil change Strapex advantage Machine, strap and aftersales service as a total package Easily accessible,...

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SMG Overview - 3

SMG 10 Teile Technologie · Optimale · Wenige bewegliche SMG 10 Hochleistungs-Maschine zum U Zugänglichkeit Teile (ohne Werkzeug Optimale mit 5/6 mm Kunststoff-Schmalb Hochleistungs-Maschine · zum Umreife Zugänglichkeit Konstante Spannung mit 5/6 mm Kunststoff-Schmalband bis · Für kleine (ohne Werkzeuge) SMG 10 / 15 / 25 / 20S / 25S Semi-automatic machines for small to large packages SMG 10/15 With integrated dispenser SMG 25 With side-mounted dispenser SMG 20S / 25S The ideal machines for small and narrow products As stand alone machine or for integration into conveyor systems Konstante...

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SMG Overview - 4

SMG 50 (A) / 55 (A) / 56 / 57 Fully automatic machines with integrated conveyor For integration into conveyor systems Conveyor speed fully adjustable Touch Panel: Self-explaining, no special knowledge necessary The package position for strapping is adjusted by a photocell Strap tension easily adjustable with push buttons – with a selection of standard strapping modes High availability and reliability of operation Also available with asymmetric seal position (A)

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SMG Overview - 5

SMG 65 / 65S / 65i / 75i Side seal machines for large and heavy packages SMG 65 For large and heavy packages For integration into conveyor systems or as stand alone machine with non-driven rollers For continuous operation Easy operation, self-explaining Robust, compact design SMG 65S With special pressure plates for small and narrow packages Stainless steel version For the food industry with integrated conveyor Stainless steel version For the food industry, stand alone or integrateable

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SMG Overview - 6

Options Adaptable to different operating conditions and requirements Hold down device to compress packages and loose bundles Package/Bundle stops to position loose bundles or packages Photocell - Second strapping tension, package height control Conveyor extension Cycle start triggered by photocell Second foot pedal Support roller Roller table Further options CT Version (Cold and Tropical Environment) Room temperature: 5–40°C Interface for integration into existing production lines Fixable feets - fixed to the ground by adjustable feet Foot switch with protection cover Relative humidity of...

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SMG Overview - 7

* Without package

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SMG Overview - 8

Make your products feel safe Proven solutions for various industry segments Worldwide sales and service network

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