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LASER SCANNER lightweight Time Of Flight LASER SCANNER

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LASER SCANNER STONEX X300 is the best available solution for 3D scanning, fully designed and manufactured in Stonex X300 is the best solution for any application, balancing economic efficiency and highly accurate outputs. The sealed external case protects optic and EDM components allowing the scanner to operate in dusty and moist environments without risk of damaging sensitive parts. Advanced scanning and measurement In addition to perform single scans quickly. Stonex X300 also allows to collect multiple scans in sequence simply drawing rectangular frames on a reference point cloud....

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STONEX RECONSTRUCTOR, powerful and ready to use 3D software To make more effective the use of the X300, Stonex has developed a powerful and flexible software called Stonex Reconstructor. The Stonex Reconstructor software is based on the well known JRC 3D Reconstructor ® Technology. JRC 3D Reconstructor® is a software package worldwide appreciated for 3D laser scanner data processing in several application fields. The software - engineered and powered by Gexcel srl under Stonex requirements - comes from the convergence of two experiences: the academic know-how of University studies and the...

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LASER SCANNER TECHNICAL FEATURES Scan rate Laser Beam Divergence 0.37 mrad Grid spacing Angular resolution Range accuracy Scanning optics Vertically rotating mirror, horizontally rotating base Laser Class Laser wavelenght Integrated cameras 5 + 5 megapixels Data storage Data transfer Illustrations, descriptions and technical specifications are not binding and may change Scanner control Dedicated Wi-Fi web interface (Android, iOS and Windows Mobile) Power supply 12 V (battery or external power unit) Power consumption 40 W (on average) Battery type Operating temp. Storage temp. Protection...

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